Are you looking for the best tools to optimize your old content, content that already exists, or content that has already been written? If so, this article is for you. You can make your work easier by using content optimization tools to improve the product’s content while keeping these details in mind. In this article, we listed the best content optimization tools in 2024.

Content is one of the powerful ranking factors in search engines. There are many content optimization tools available on the online market. These tools help you optimize every piece of content on your website to get the best ROI. However, selecting the best one for your needs takes more time.

And here come these great tools that help you with content optimization to make your optimized copy get ready within minutes, giving you SEO content optimization tips. 

content optimization tools for bloggers

We provided you with a list of the best tools for optimizing your content for search engines based on the content you already have.

What is web content optimization?

Web content optimization is the process of creating winning content that is better in terms of quality and relevance so that it will be more visible and interesting to your audience. This can be done through a variety of techniques, including keyword research, optimizing your website for Google, and creating compelling and shareable content.

Well, SEO is the best way to make your brand popular. Content is an essential factor in making your search engine optimization better. The Google bots give preference to content that is more attractive to users. While creating winning content is the best you can do, additional optimizations must be made to make it scalable. To properly optimize old content, these optimizations are weighed against SEO and user intent.  

If you watch or spy on your competitors, you can see what they do on their websites with their content marketing. You can get a sense of the overall SEO performance to create an effective content strategy to write unique content for your readers.

How do you optimize the content on a content marketing platform?

Well, there are a lot of things to think about for fully optimized content. You can take care of all the important parts of your content manually, which usually takes a lot of work and time. You can use any tool that speeds up the process of optimizing the content you already have. It is called “effective content.”

You may optimize the content using a content marketing platform. Be careful to incorporate keywords in your headlines. Make sure your content is well-formatted and visually appealing. Finally, publish your work on social media and other sites to reach as many people as possible.

List of Best Content Optimization Tools for Better SEO

Content optimization software is available in various plans and pricing, from free versions for basic users to several dollars per month for premium subscriptions. There are many options similar to legacy optimization programs that leverage machine learning to analyze content related to your target keywords. You can select the solution that aligns best with your needs and budget.

Below are the top SEO tools for optimizing web content that you should consider to significantly enhance your optimization efforts. Most of these solutions help improve content quality by providing optimal content frameworks and outlines for the keywords you want to rank for. This enables you to progressively refine and strengthen your content over time.

To fully utilize these tools, you need to identify relevant, high-traffic keywords that will position your content to rank at the top of Google’s search results. Google’s latest algorithms penalize websites with low-value, thin content. However, you can move up in the SERP rankings by publishing useful, information-rich content optimized for keywords that matter to your audience.

The twelve SEO content optimization tools listed here will assist you with essential tasks ranging from keyword research to crafting optimized content that aligns with search intent. They represent the best available tools for supercharging content optimization for SEO.

There are many optimization solutions to help you produce laser-focused content that directly answers user queries, regardless of topic.

Let’s explore the premier tools for content optimization that will ensure your content marketing strategy succeeds by attracting and engaging your ideal audience.

1. Frase – Best AI Website optimization tool

Frase content optimizer

The Frase is a perfect tool you can trust for perfectly optimized content. This tool uses artificial intelligence to do your work with great content. With this tool, you will have three different features. 

Frase is an AI-powered program that helps you write search engine-friendly content, helping you produce high-quality content quickly.

Frase is a program that uses AI to help you write search engine-friendly content and helps you create high-quality content quickly.

The first one is the Content Briefcase, which you can use to create a detailed synopsis of the content you plan to write.

With this tool’s content optimizer, you can look at the top-ranked articles on Google and use the tool’s suggestions to get your own content to the top of Google. 

frase content optimization tool box

Frase uses AI tools to help you organise and improve your posts so that you rank higher than your competitors.


  • The tool is very easy to use and understand.
  • The prices are correct for the plans provided by the tool
  • They provide the best customer support to the users.


  • The free version is limited to only five documents. 
  • The deletion of created documents is not available in the free version.

Pricing of Frase

There are three plans available for users, and the pricing starts at $39. On the free plan of Frase, you can optimize up to 5 documents. You can try the free trial version to check out those features and how they work. You can perform keyword research.

2. Website Auditor from SEO Powersuite

website auditor tool

A Website Auditor is a tool of the SEO PowerSuite. Website Auditor launched the content editor in its dashboard very recently, which is good news for bloggers and SEO analyzers. You can also do an SEO analysis of your content right from the desktop app, as well as an audit of your web pages. 

When adding content optimization software, you have to choose the focus topic and focus term. The keyword tool is not available on this auditor. It comes with the Rank Tracker tool, which is a part of the SEO Powersuite. The Keyword Map tools can help you find great keywords to map for content analysis.

To measure the performance of the content, you need some advanced tools and Google Analytics knowledge. The auditor will give you a full SEO performance report that includes on-page optimization, an analysis of your competitors, and basic tips on how to improve the performance of your content.

Once you submit your page or existing content audit to the Website Auditor, the tool crawls Google to get the TF-IDF data and other ranking factors from the top-ranking pages for your keyword. It completes the complete content analysis by comparing it with the competitor’s content relevance.

You can check these Website Auditor Review | SEO PowerSuite Review | Best SEO Website Audit tools

A content editor is another great option in this tool. Recently, this feature was updated with the content writer’s friendly version. It helps you find the missing related keywords in your content so that you can rank high in Google.

Features of the Content Editor

  • In-app content editor
  • As-you-type SEO recommendations
  • Meta tags editor
  • Real-time Google snippet preview


  • The tool has many advanced features along with a content editor.
  • TF-IDF keywords are shown along with content optimization.


  • Prices are a little heavy for users 
  • Limited options are available to export data from apps.

Pricing of Websie Auditor

With the data, you can create new content to rank on Google. There is a free version of the Website Auditor, which comes with limited features. For the full version, you can subscribe to Website Auditor for $124/year. To try all the premium features of this tool, you can try the 14-day free trial.

3. Similar Content Pro


SimilarContent is another tool I have been using for a while. It gave me outstanding results for my web page’s ranking on Google. It is one of the best ways for webmasters, online marketers, and bloggers to optimize the content on their sites. 

You can use SimilarContent tools to analyze your content. Once you provide a range and a keyword to SimilarContent, it crawls Google and analyzes your page with top-ranking pages on Google. After crawling, it gives a detailed analysis of your page and provides a list of keywords to add or edit to your content.

SimilarContent is an SEO content optimization tool that helps you analyze the content score of top search results, find high-potential keywords, and write content that ranks in Google.

similarcontent pro - content optimizer

Basically, online content marketers need to create high-quality content to drive organic traffic through search engines. Here, the similar content is the perfect match to proceed further.

Features of Similar Content:

  • You can optimize your article with the content score (or) keyword coverage score and keywords using real-time analysis with SimilarContent’s Live Text Editor.
  • The Rank Predictor is an excellent feature in this tool, which presents the keywords to be ranked in search engines before publishing the content.
  • It supports 15 languages.
  • Analyze topic difficulty based on LSI calculations and boost your content relevancy score to outrank your competition. Rank with few to no backlinks by maximizing content relevancy.
  • Best for Bloggers, Writers, SEO Agencies, and Content Marketers who want to top the search rankings with more relevant content.


  • The content optimization interface is in an advanced mode.
  • It also provides a user-friendly interface. 
  • It gives you a useful real-time analysis of your focus term and the content you are optimizing.
  • The ranking Predictor is another unique feature available in SimilarContent. 
  • It gives you an accurate keyword relevancy score.


  • It is still under development.
  • The user interface is in a very light color.
  • Keyword trending features are limited, and they do not give any option to choose from the favorite category.

Pricing of Similarcontent Pro

SimilarContent does not offer a free version of its tool, but it does provide a 7-day free trial to test all the features. The price of SimilarContent starts at $9.99 per month. 

4. SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant – Best SEO tool

SEMRush writing assistant working box

SEMRush also has a personalized SEO content optimization tool known as a Writing Assistant. This tool is perfect for you to use along with all the other SEO tools (perfect SEO writing feature). This tool can also scan the top websites ranked on Google for a search query and suggest the required changes to make in your content, like no words to increase and phrases to include and add related keywords

Semrush’s Writing Assistant tool provides you with a word count, a readability score that indicates how easy or difficult your material is to read, and an overall grade that indicates how well your content will rank on Google.

Four different scales can be used with the optimization feature. They are: how easy it is to read, SEO, how original it is, and how it sounds. These four elements help you improve your posts by showing the color from grey to green.

Many bloggers and SEO professionals use SemRush. We all know that SEMRush is an all-in-one SEO tool with many premium features that can help your blog’s SEO. It comes with a very good tool for researching keywords and a huge database of keywords that is always being updated. Those keywords help you to make your content creation easy and to improve your content and rank higher in Google.

With all these recommended changes in your content, you can rank on Google’s first pages. This tool provides add-ons for Gdoc users and WordPress users. It’s an addon for Google Docs that helps you optimize the content at the time of writing the document directly.

The SemrushAssistant provides an overall grade that forecasts how well your content will rank on Google, a readability score that indicates how easy or difficult your material is to read, and a word count. Writing content that is optimized for search engines is easier with Semrush’s Content Template.

SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant WordPress plugin.

You can write SEO-friendly content and improve it right from the WordPress dashboard with the help of the writing assistant. It works with the SEMRush API.

The SEO writing assistant lets you edit, review, and improve your content SEO based on the top-ranked articles in Google’s organic search results. 

The data and suggestions for how to improve your site will depend on what Google Analytics tells you.


  • The feature of suggesting LSI keywords is pretty cool. 
  • Provides your content voice tone feature to check whether your content is optimized for voice searching.
  • It also provides you with a list of backlinks you need to create from different domains.
  • It helps you in optimizing your existing content for better on-page SEO


  • The user interface is hard to understand and navigate
  • Customer support is not so impressive. 

Pricing of SEMRush

The price of SEMrush starts at $99 per month, and this tool can be used by anyone from freelance bloggers to the biggest names in e-commerce. SEMrush also has a 14-day free trial in which you can use all of the paid features for free. 

5. Content Editor from Surfer SEO

surfer seo tool homepage
seo surfer homepage

Surfer SEO is another great SEO tool for content creators and publishers. It provides complete data to create SEO-optimized content that helps to reach a better place in Google than the top 10 competitors’ content on the first page.

By using SurferSEO, you can make the on-page process of SEO easy, fast, and comprehensive. Surfer mainly focuses on landing page SEO using a data-driven model. It checks for significant facts of on-page SEO on the top 50 pages of the search query and gives you a detailed analysis of over 500 factors for ranked pages. More features can be found in my Surfer SEO review.

If you can guess what type of content Google likes to rank, let Surfer SEO give you a data-driven answer, identifying how much content is missing from your page.

The tool uses machine learning and natural language processing to write better-quality content.

content editor in surfer seo tool

You can use these factors to rank for your keyword over other pages. It has a perfect content optimization platform that can be used to optimize old content or content that already exists from scratch so that it ranks on Google. This is one of the most affordable SEO tools on the market.

Yes. The Surfer SEO has a content optimization feature available, which is called “Surfer’s Content Editor.” For more details, check out the below video.

What is the Surfer SEO Content Editor?

It also helps you by providing a detailed SERP analysis for your site. One of SurferSEO’s extra features is the keyword Surfer extension, which can be used with both Chrome and Firefox.

With this extension turned on for your Google Chrome, you can track related keywords and monthly traffic for specific keywords for a country.

Of course, this is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for bloggers and SEOs.

The Chrome extension gives great keyword ideas about the focus term like search volume, CPC, and similarity in related keywords.

The other helpful feature of this extension is that when you enter the search term in the Google search, it gives the complete details of the first page’s top 10 URLs like traffic, total words used in their content, and the number of ranked keywords without leaving the SERPs.

keyword surfer tool function

Just type in your main keyword, sit back, and wait for Surfer SEO to give you the information you need to make your site’s content well-optimized.


  • You can compare your website with other websites ranked on the first pages, and the SurferSEO uses over 500 different ranking factors. 
  • A list of commonly used keywords and phrases used by other websites is available in the content editor, helping you get content ideas.
  • It has multiple viewing options that are SERP view, Table View, and Chart View.
  • The workflow is easy, and the dashboard is also easy to access and use. 


  • It only provides a limited number of queries per day, depending on your subscription plan. 
  • Only the average matrices of other websites are shown. It does not show exact metrics. 
  • The content guidelines can not be exported offline or to other software like Google Docs.

Pricing of Surfer SEO

It comes with content editing features and optimization suggestions, and many more. Their regular pricing for plans starts at $29 per month (HOBBY Plan), but you can also create a free trial of SurferSEO for just $1 for seven days. 

6. Contenteum – Writing tool

contenteum - manage and publish content on multiple wordpress sites

Contenteum is another great content marketing software to create optimized content that ranks. With WordPress, you can find information, write content, schedule it, improve it, and publish it all from a single dashboard. 

Contenteum has features that can help you optimize your website’s content more effectively. For example, it can suggest keywords to help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), check for grammar and plagiarism, let you schedule and publish content, and do a lot more to make your content marketing strategy easier.

Optimizing your content to perform well using semantic search can be easier with the right optimization tools.

It comes with a free content brief generator. By looking at the search engine results pages (SERPs) for your keyword, you can make AI- and NLP-Assisted Content Briefs. It is the perfect choice for freelancers, startups, SMEs, agencies, and enterprises.

Features of Contenteum:

  • Marketing management: You can manage and organize the content by setting internal deadlines for your writers. It helps you to understand the multi-level approach for the team.
  • Create Content: It helps you to create content by using their Content brief feature
  • Optimize content: It helps you to optimize the content with its in-built click plagiarism checker, and automatic article status update. Here you will get the important terms and suggestions to use in the article which is collected and calculated with the top 10 competitor URL on the first page. You have to add those terms within your articles as per the mentioned number of times. These are very powerful keywords with AI (artificial intelligence) -assisted optimization suggestions.
  • WordPress plugin: It helps you to publish the optimized articles into your WordPress blog directly.
  • Collaborative writing: You can collaborate with your team by assigning the work.
  • It provides the list of SEO recommendations, which helps the right content optimization.


  • It is free to use.
  • The content brief is very effective, which helps you to create a complete article synopsis.
  • It is a web-based service.
  • It comes with an internal deadline set.
  • Easy topic and keyword generation.
  • Automatic update suggestions with updated keywords every time
  • You can export the content into word format.


  • Keyword research is not up-to-date.
  • less documentation
  • Sometimes It does not work well with the Grammarly tool.

7. NeuronWriter – Best Content Optimizer

neuronwriter homepage

NeuronWriter is a content optimizer that can help improve your writing. It has a word counter, a grammar checker, and a style guide, all of which can help you edit and improve your work. NeuronWriter can also help you find more efficient ways to organize your thoughts and ideas.

NeuronWriter is a cutting-edge SEO NLP-driven editor that lets you make content that is optimized for search engines. With what it does, you can easily create content that is keyword-rich and engaging, making it easy for your readers to find what they’re looking for. 

This tool is the perfect choice for SEO firms, SEO specialists, and organizations that need a strong AI tool with content and SEO. Over 100,000 brands have used the site for their content analysis.

Content optimization software checks for content gaps by comparing your content to that of your competitors. Content writing software, on the other hand, just helps you come up with content.

content editor complete 2

It is a tool that helps you create winning SEO content, saving you hours of time that you would have spent manually creating content briefs.

It is a writing tool that helps the content creator create content that is understandable to search engines and serves the intent of the search.

Once content production is done, you need to check the content’s readability, grammar, and spelling before publishing the content.

For improving content readability, grammar, and spelling before publishing enhanced content this is the good tool. For more derails you can read my NeuronWriter Review.

Features of NeuronWriter

To use this tool effectively, you need to understand how the interface works. Content creation, optimizing content for search engines, and making quality content are all important for every blogger, SEO specialist, and business.

  • Content Editor: This NLP Editor is ideal for your content. It allows you to include all the necessary keywords, headers, questions, etc. for Google to understand. However, you still need to be able to arrange your content and respond to the questions for people.
  • TOP Analysis: This section provides an in-depth analysis of the top 10 competitors so that you can create high-quality AI content.
  • Internal link suggestions: This tool scans your entire domain project and provides a list of recommended internal links with anchor text for placement in your content. You can export this list for manual use.

Pros and Cons of NeuronWriter

Pros of NeuronWriter

  • This tool supports a more than 170 languages, making it appealing to users from all over the world.
  • It also allows you to study your competitor’s content and then write your own SEO-optimized material to outrank them on Google.
  • It employs the GPT3 version to generate quality content that closely resembles the inputted text.
  • You can lower your monthly AI credits that manage your budget, and it will save you money.
  • Neuronwriter has great potential features in its future updates according to its roadmap, like a plagiarism checker, AI article templates, and image recommendations.

Cons of NeuronWriter

  • A plagiarism checker is being developed but is not available at the moment.
  • Readability suggestions are not integrated yet, so you need to understand the interface before using it.

NeuronWriter Pricing

There are three pricing options available from NeuronWriter, which are all very reasonably priced.

a. Bronze Plan ($19/mo):

The Bronze plan is perfect for business owners to improve their rankings. 

  • 2 projects
  • 25 content analyses
  • 15,000 A.I. Credits
  • internal linking
  • Email support

b. Silver Plan ($37/mo)

The Silver Plan is perfect for a copywriter who always does a great job for their clients. It includes:

  • 5 projects
  • 50 content analyses
  • 30,000 A.I. credits
  • Internal linking
  • Content planner
  • Schema data explorer
  • Email and chat support.

c. Gold Plan ($57/mo)

The Gold Plan is a great option for a small agency or a group of copywriters and includes:

  • 10 projects
  • 75 content analyses
  • 45,000 A.I. credits
  • Internal linking content
  • Content planner
  • Schema data exporter
  • GSC integration
  • Content management
  • Content sharing
  • E-mail and chat support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Content Optimization?

The importance of content in improving your SEO cannot be overstated. The Google bots give preference to content that is more attractive to users. While writing content is the best you can do, additional optimizations must be made to make scalable content. To properly optimize your content, these optimizations are weighed against SEO and user intent.

What is Content Optimization Software?

Content optimization software comes with different plans and prices, from the free trial for a primary customer to a figure per month for premium users. The above optimization platforms are some examples, which are similar to the old optimization software to optimize content like MarketMuse. You can choose the tool that perfectly suits you. In the list above, we talked about some of the best software for optimizing your content so that it does better in search engines.

What Is Website Optimization?

Website optimization is the process of trying out different ways to improve the site’s SEO performance and functionality to achieve business goals.

How are NLP and AI revolutionizing SEO-friendly content?

Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the important factors for doing SEO on your site. AI (Artificial Intelligence)is the newly implemented feature for SEO-related content generation. AI and NLP can help you with SEO tasks like putting in H1 tags and figuring out what alt tags are for images, building backlinks, and so on. Simply put, SEO + NLP + AI gives 100% better-optimized content.

Why do you need content optimization tools?

Content optimization tools help you change old content that isn’t working well into content that is optimized and works well.

Why is content optimization important?

The optimization tools are important because they will increase the chances of your content getting ranked higher in search engines. If you optimize your content, then you can use keyword research tools to find the best keywords for your blog posts and articles. This will help people find what they are looking for easily and give them a positive experience when they land on your website or blog.

Why is content king in SEO?

Content is king in SEO because it has a high impact on the website. Content is like the building blocks of any website and can help your website rank higher in Google. The SEMrush Content Marketing Platform is made to help content marketers keep track of their tasks and create content that their target audience likes.

Final Words on Content Optimization Tools

This is a list of the best tools for optimizing content. These tools help marketers and content writers create content that is optimized for search engines and easy for them to understand. This helps them get to the top of search results and get a lot of traffic.

The free content optimization tools are not just limited to the above-mentioned. Many other tools in the industry play a good part in providing optimizations to content. This post will be updated often with the tools I use most to make personalized content work best. 

The amazing tools for optimizing content listed above are very useful and something that every blogger and content creator should have.

Based on your existing content, amazing content optimization tools help you to make your content faster with their handy SEO instructions.

The above content optimization tips can be used for better SEO on Google. These content writing tools for SEO are must-have content tools for every content writer, SEO content editor, and blogger. If you are a content editor, you have to prepare a content optimization checklist.  

Are you searching for content writing jobs? If so, the above tools are beneficial. If you are a newbie, you can check out this article for more details on the best content writing jobs for beginners from home.

There are hundreds of content optimization software available on the web. So, you have to choose the best tool before you start your content process. You need to select the tool that you need now.

Share the content optimization tools to improve content so that it ranks for 2024 with your friends on social media.

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