Blogging is an art. Every blogger has some ideas to write the best content for their readers. How to promote blog posts? Is this the first question for all new bloggers?

how to promote blog posts safely

After doing proper Keyword research, we prepare content to publish in our blog. What next after publishing this content, now the main task will start.

We should promote blog posts on various platforms to get maximum exposure and to generate traffic to our blog.

I had been stressing about consistent blogging on a few of my previous posts which are very important to maintain a blog with consistent traffic.

How to Promote My Blog? The blog post-auto-promotion on search engines mainly depends on keywords that are used in the article.

In this article on “How to promote your blog posts?” I am about to mention a few methods, which I use on my blog to promote blog posts.

How to Promote Blog Posts?

What happens is, when you are involved in another work and if blogging is not your full-time job, irregular blogging will never give you a regular income.

So you can follow these amazing steps to promote your blog posts and drive huge traffic for your posts.

1. Promote On Search Engines

How to promote a blog on Google? This is simple. Search engines are the best, a free and reliable source of potential traffic.

Search engine visitor’s trends to make money for your blog. No need to submit every new post on a search engine if you submit your blog’s XML sitemap to the webmaster tools.

The new blog posts automatically reach to the search engines via your submitted Sitemaps. The search engines easily index your blog posts if it indexes their list.

For this, you should Ping these search engines.

2. Make good SEO to rank your posts in search engines

By making good SEO you don’t need to spend hours sharing your posts on social media networks and blog directories.

As we already know search engines are the best platforms that give you the best traffic. Whatever we need to do is, simply optimize your sites with keywords to rank first in search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Google ranks the pages based on the optimized keywords, image alt attributes, internal and external links, and many more.

By optimizing your site for such parameters your site can easily rank in Google and you will get traffic for those keywords in Google easily.

3. Publish at regular intervals

By publishing your post at regular intervals you place a bookmark in your visitors’ minds such that they think you will definitely add a post at the regular time.

And when they believe that you will post the content at one time, you need not promote your post to reach them. They will automatically come to your page to see your new content regularly.

Posting your content at regular intervals will also help search engines to index your post easily.

The Google bots are programmed to check the websites based on how random the content is updated in your blogs.

When your content is updated once or twice a week, your Google Bots will also index your sites every once or twice that month.

But if you regularly update your content, the Google bots will regularly check your website for no new posts and help your posts index in Google fastly.

4. Promote and Publish On Social Networking Sites

How to promote a Blog on Social Media? Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Digg are very good sources of traffic.

Do not neglect these traffic sources. Most of the bloggers will follow your blog and its updates via Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites.

So after publishing your new post, inform your social readers via the social sites which are integrated with your blog.

Facebook gives viral traffic to your blog post. To get the traffic from Facebook, just use the link posting method.

Create a Facebook Fan Page and Group which is specific for your blog discussions.

5. The right time to post on social media

Different social media sites will have different engagements.

You need to know when most of the people are online on social media such that you can share your posts at that time when most of the people are engaged on social media.

Your post will become much viral and your blog traffic will increase.

Here are the best times for bloggers to post their blog posts and content on the most popular social media platforms!

  • FaceBook: The best time to publish on Facebook is 1:00pm to 4.00 pm and 8.00pm to 8.45pm.
  • Twitter: Best time to post on Twitter is 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm
  • Instagram: Best time to post on Instagram is 6.30 to 7.30am and 8.00pm
  • YouTube: Best time to post on YouTube is Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9.00am to 12.00pm
  • Pinterest: The best time to post on Pinterest is anytime on Saturday and Sunday.

Here is a table in which you can find the right time to post on different social media sites.

S.No.Best time to postFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedIn
1Sunday12Pm to 1Pm
2Monday12Pm to 3Pm12Pm to 3Pm and 5PM
3Tuesday12Pm to 3Pm12Pm to 3Pm and 5PM7AM to 8AM
5Pm to 6Pm
4Wednesday12Pm to 3Pm12Pm to 3Pm and 5PM7AM to 8AM
5Pm to 6Pm
5Thursday12Pm to 3Pm12Pm to 3Pm and 5PM7AM to 8AM
5Pm to 6Pm
6Friday12Pm to 3Pm12Pm to 3Pm and 5PM2AM
7Saturday12Pm to 1Pm2Pm to 4Pm
8Pm to 1Am

Try SEMRush Social Media ToolKit

There are also some tools that will tell you the right time when most of the people are engaged in your social pages.

The SEMRush has a social sharing tool in which you can share your posts on social media by scheduling them.

In the SEMRush you can also find a graph that tells you the exact time at which more people are online.

After logging into SEMRush you will find a Social Media Toolkit in which you will find Social Media Poster button.

semrush social media toolkit

In that, link your profile for which you want to share your posts. You can add up to two different social media pages to your SEMRush account. To start the social network authentication just click Get Started button

social media toolkit

Now add any two social networks from this page. If you want more, you have to go for the SEMRush Pro account.

connect a social network

After lining your pages and you will get the Social media tracker dashboard. From here go for Go to Poster tool. 

semrush go to poster tool

Now go for New post option.

create new post for scheduling

In the new post, add the blog post details like post description with hashtags and URL (in unshortened mode).

new post in social media poster

Besides the schedule button, you will find a small graph showing the fan’s online presence of total users over the day.

fans online presence

Using this graph you can schedule your posts at that time where most of the people are online on your social page.

semrush banner 2

Special Gift

Here is a special bonus for BloggingDen readers. Grab the link and get 14 days Premium account. Here is my SEMRemrush review

6. Using HashTags for social media postings

Hairstyles are most important in social media postings. When you add a hashtag for your post people can easily find your posts by entering the keyword in that hashtag.

If you are sharing Post with hashtag blogging, you can write it like this: #blogging. And when people search for blogging in social media your post will appear to them.

Hashtags are most popular on most social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. By simply using these hashtags your posts will become viral and you will get more traffic.

Tip: Here is the awesome tool to get Trending Hashtags, the tool is Hashtag Analytics for your Brand, Business, Product, Service, Event, or Blog

7. Create blog profiles on social media

Creating blog profiles in social media is also an important thing. You can create these profiles on every social media.

In the pages and groups, social media asks for the links for your personal websites.

By adding these profiles to your social media pages. You will get much traffic for your blogs when people visit these social media profiles.

8. Build your circle

It is always important to build your circle. In social media, you should always try to make your visitors your followers.

You should attract the social media users that are engaged to your posts by using catchy titles and making them follow your social media profiles and subscribe to your newsletters.

Once you build your circle this way, you need not search for people somewhere.

On Facebook, you will let your readers like your pages and join your groups. By making them like your pages and joining your groups, you will increase the social counts of your profiles.

And in the future, you can get easy traffic from your social profiles themselves.

9. Answer questions with your blog posts in forums

Answering questions in forums is a good technique in promoting your posts and increasing your blog traffic. In many forums, there are hundreds of questions that are unanswered.

There will be questions related to every niche.

In these forums, you can search for the questions that are closely related to your posts and you can answer that question and give a link to your post from that answer.

This way the question is answered in that form along with that you will get some referral traffic from the visitors that search for that question in that forum.

Here is the helpful Free DoFollow Forums list.

10. Get your blog on Social Bookmarking sites

Some of the social bookmarking sites are given below,

These social bookmarking sites are the places where most of the users spend their time online.

They will be searching for different content, different images, and different posts in social bookmarking sites.

By indexing your blogs and posts in these bookmarking sites, you will get lots of traffic for your blogs.

11. Build your email list

Building an email list should be started right away from your first post in your blog.

When visitors visit your blog posts you should let them know that you will regularly update your blog with interesting content.

You should make them subscribe to your newsletters with their emails.

When your visitors subscribe for your newsletters you will be able to collect their emails which you can use to send your future block posts via newsletters.

12. Newsletters to Promote Your Blog

If you plan to have a subscription system, then you can send newsletters about your post or use Feedburner to automatically send email updates.

Try to increase your number of subscribers and know that you can make money from your newsletters or RSS feed subscriber.

I am using MailChimp email software personally to send the latest information via email newsletter.

This is a famous and free email listing tool for every blogger.

Try to create one signup form in the MailChimp account and integrate with your blog to capture the reader’s email addresses.

After publishing a new post, the email marketing software informs about your blog’s new post.

You can send deals, offers, and much more information via this configured setup.

Here is the complete guide on How to use MailChimp to send your blog post updates?

Another email capturing system is the Jetpack Subscription form.

This is also working fine. These are the basic channels to promote new blog posts via email newsletters.

13. Interlinking Your Posts

I would suggest using related posts plugins for related posts and interlinking your own posts. As you might have noticed, in this post I have linked to relevant posts and pages.

Do some reverse here, which means go for old posts and find out relevant keywords with your new posts and link there.

This helps in increasing page views, reducing bounce rates, increases the time spent by a visitor on your blog which is very important for your blog.

Now a day’s most of the WordPress themes are coming with pre-coded related posts feature. Here I am using the GeneratePress WordPress theme.

This theme does not code with a related post feature. So I am using the Elementor Pro plugin to place the related posts feature below every post.

14. Get Backlinks from Other Blog’s Post

This is the most popular way to get more exposure to your newly published blog post. There are two ways –

  1. Guest posting: Publishing your article in other relevant niches with your blog link within the article.
  2. Blog Commenting: Find some blogs which are relevant to your blog’s niche, and then leaving a comment on your article link as your site.

You will get a backlink. Commenting on other blogs is one of the best methods of getting some traffic, but make sure that your comment should be in an impressive way.

Not only will this bring in extra visitors directly from the other site but it will also give that post the much-needed search engine boost that it needs to get started.

Useful read:

15. Answer every comment you get on your pages

It is also important to capture the people that are already on your web pages. When people like your content they start commenting in the comments thanking you for your content.

Feel free to answer every comment in your blog posts and also give related post links that he would like based on his comment.

Here is a useful read on How to do Blog commenting?

Final Words

Mix, Delicious, Digg, and Google bookmarking services which will help users to save immediately on their social bookmarking list.

Adding to Email and the Print button is compulsory if you are writing how-to tutorials and Guide.

Follow the above smart methods to promote your blog post for maximum exposure and generate traffic to your blog.

If you think this post on “How to promote blog posts” is useful for you, share this post with your friends on social sites.

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