Web Directory sites are linking directories on the World Wide Web. These do not search engines and it does not display web pages based on keywords. Every blog/website is organized into different categories and subcategories. This categorization is based on the total website rather than one page or a set of keywords. This web directory allows new blog/website URLs for free of cost.

web directory submission sites list 2020

Every blog URL is approved manually. Check the Free Web Directory Sites. For your online business or a blog, the Directory submission sites play a major role in creating backlinks to your blog. In off-page SEO, directory submission is a great technique for creating quality backlinks for your site.

What is Directory Submission?

The dictionary term directory means a book or a list of businesses or any other list, In the same way, there are also directories known as web directories where you can submit your blog.  These are the directories where you can submit your sites for either promoting your sites or also creating backlinks. 

Before submitting your sites to these directory submission sites make sure you pick the right ones. There are many directory submission sites out there. Most of them are spam and submitting your sites to these sites will mark your sites as spam too. Always check the domain authority of the directory site before submitting your sites.

The Benefits of Directory Submission:

  • Enhanced Visibility: By listing your website in relevant directories, you increase its visibility among your target audience.
  • Quality Backlinks: Directory submissions offer an avenue to acquire high-quality backlinks, a crucial factor in search engine ranking algorithms.
  • Improved SEO: Search engines consider the consistency and quality of backlinks when determining a website’s authority. Directory submissions contribute to a robust SEO strategy.
  • Targeted Traffic: Directories attract users looking for specific information. Being listed ensures your website is exposed to a relevant and interested audience.

Special features of Web directory list

  • Free Submission: There is no charge for the review and listing of the site
  • Reciprocal link:  A backlink to the web directory must be added somewhere on the submitted site to get listed in the directory
  • No Reciprocal link: A web directory where you will submit your links for free and no need to add a backlink to your website.
  • Paid submission: A one-time fee will be charged for reviewing your site and listing in their directory. Approves immediately within 24 hours.
  • No follow and Do-follow: This directory will give rel=”nofollow” attribute associated. Search engines will not give weight to the link.

What are the Benefits of directory submission sites?

Using these directory submission sites for your blog will give many benefits for your blog/website in SEO and also promotion. Due to the benefits of these directory submission sites, many bloggers and SEO experts choose these Directory submission sites to create backlinks.  Here are some of the most important benefits of these directory submission sites. 

  1. SEO and SERP rankings: When your site is submitted to the directories, your site will be public and get more exposure which will give your site a chance of ranking in the first pages of Google. Here you have to consider Page Rank also along with Domain Authority.
  2. Backlinks: Creating high-quality backlinks is the bigger benefit and this is the one which many bloggers and SEO specialists for which they choose these directory submission sites. When you get as many good backlinks to your sites, your site will increase its authority. 
  3. Traffic: Traffic is one other benefit of these directory sites. You can get direct traffic to your website/blog from these sites. Most of these directory submission sites are well-indexed in Google and other search engines. So when you use the correct keywords in the directory submission sites, your posts in these directories will be visible in Google. 

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Should remember these Points before you submit

  • Make sure your site is 100% completed. Directories want fully finished websites, not works in progress. All pages and assets should be live.
  • Have a nice look design, fast-loading pages, and quality content. Directories favor sites with good visual design, fast load times, and useful, engaging content. Optimize these areas.
  • You choose the appropriate suitable category your site fits into. Pick the category that most closely matches your site’s topic and industry. Avoid miscategorizing.
  • Your website must be in English. As mentioned before, most general directories only accept English websites and content. Consider translating if needed.
  • Do not submit a website that is under construction. Directories will reject sites that say “Under Construction” or have broken pages and missing assets. Wait until fully built out.
  • Ensure a user-friendly interface. Directory reviewers want to easily navigate submitted sites. Remove friction and test usability.
  • Check for broken links and fix any issues. Link errors or broken pages reflect poorly in directory reviews. Audit links.
  • Read the directory submission guidelines fully. Understand and comply with all requirements before submitting to avoid rejections.
  • Respond to any directory review feedback. If asked to make changes, comply quickly to get approved faster.

Types of Directory Submission

Directory submission is an effective search engine optimization (SEO) tactic, but there are several different types of directory submission sites. Below we explain the main categories of directories and things to consider when selecting submission options.

1. Free Directories

Free directories allow webmasters to submit their sites for inclusion without any monetary charge. Examples include Business.com and Best of the Web.

  • Pros: Free to submit, often easy approval process.
  • Cons: No guarantee of approval, can take weeks/months to get listed. Low SEO value compared to paid options.

2. Reciprocal Directories

Reciprocal directories require you to place a link back to the directory on your own site in order to get listed. For example, LinkCentre operates on reciprocity.

  • Pros: Usually get faster approval after adding a reciprocal link.
  • Cons: Having low-quality sites link back can potentially harm your site’s reputation.

3. Paid Directory Submissions

Paid directories charge a fee to guarantee listing and expedite the approval process. Prices range from $50 to $300+ per listing. Examples include Business.com paid listings.

  • Pros: Faster approval, higher-quality backlinks, priority customer support.
  • Cons: Expensive compared to free options.

4. DoFollow vs. NoFollow Directories

Many directories now use rel="nofollow" on their outbound links. Dofollow links pass authority, while nofollow links do not.

  • Pros of Dofollow: Provides direct SEO value through link equity.
  • Cons of Dofollow: Risks exploitation by spammers.
  • Pros of Nofollow: Helps search engines identify paid/artificial links.
  • Cons of Nofollow: No direct SEO value.

5. Automated Submission Tools

Automated tools like Linkody allow bulk submission to multiple directories at once.

  • Pros: Saves time submitting to hundreds of directories manually.
  • Cons: Potential for over-optimization penalties if overdone. Risk of low-quality directory links.

The best approach is a balanced directory link-building strategy encompassing both manual submissions and automation. Prioritize quality over quantity, and monitor effects on organic traffic.

How to Do Directory Submission Step-by-Step?

  1. Research Relevant Directories: Conduct thorough research to identify directories that align with your website’s niche. Consider domain authority (DA) and the directory’s reputation.
  2. Prepare Your Website Information: Gather essential details about your website, including its URL, title, description, and relevant keywords. Ensure the information is accurate and reflective of your site’s content.
  3. Choose the Right Category: Select the most appropriate category for your website within the directory. This ensures that your site is placed alongside others with similar content.
  4. Submit Your Website: Follow the submission guidelines provided by the directory. Enter the required information accurately and ensure compliance with any specific instructions.
  5. Verify Your Submission: After submission, check for a confirmation email or verify your listing on the directory. This step ensures that your submission was successful.

Do’s and Don’ts of Directory Submission in 2024


  • Focus on Relevance: Choose relevant directories to your industry or niche to attract the right audience.
  • Optimize Your Listings: Craft compelling titles and descriptions with relevant keywords to make your listing stand out.
  • Regularly Update Information: Keep your directory listings updated with current information to maintain accuracy.
  • Diversify Anchor Text: Use varied anchor text when submitting to directories to avoid appearing spammy to search engines.


  • Avoid Duplicate Submissions: Submit your website to a directory only once to prevent duplication issues.
  • Skip the Guidelines: Follow each directory’s submission guidelines meticulously. Ignoring them can lead to rejection.
  • Overuse Keywords: While keywords are essential, avoid overloading your listings with them. Maintain a natural and reader-friendly approach.

High DA FREE Directory Submission Sites List [2024 Edition]

In the dynamic world of SEO, the domain authority of a directory can significantly impact the value of the backlink obtained through submission. Here is a curated list of high domain authority free directory submission sites for 2024:

Directory NameDomain Authority (DA)
Entireweb Directory52

Top 10 Free Web Directory Submissions Sites List

1. Dmoz.org

Dmoz stands out as one of the most authoritative directories on the internet. With a domain authority of 90, it offers a valuable backlink to boost your website’s credibility.

2. BestoftheWeb.com

BestoftheWeb has established itself as a reliable directory with a domain authority of 70. Submitting your site here ensures visibility among a diverse audience.

3. SoMuch.com

SoMuch offers a user-friendly platform with a domain authority of 68. It caters to various niches, providing a valuable link for your website.

4. AliveDirectory.com

AliveDirectory boasts a domain authority of 65 and provides a well-organized directory for businesses and websites to gain exposure.

5. Sitepromotiondirectory.com

Sitepromotiondirectory is a comprehensive directory with a domain authority of 60. It offers a categorized approach for effective website submissions.

6. Submissionwebdirectory.com

Submissionwebdirectory ensures a smooth submission process with a domain authority of 58. It caters to a wide range of industries.

7. MarketingInternetDirectory.com

MarketingInternetDirectory provides a platform with a domain authority of 55, allowing businesses to enhance their online presence.

8. HighRankDirectory.com

HighRankDirectory offers a valuable backlink opportunity with a domain authority of 52. It is a trusted platform for directory submissions.

9. Picktu.com

Picktu.com is a user-friendly directory with a domain authority of 50. Submitting your website here ensures exposure to a diverse online audience.

10. TheWebDir.com

TheWebDir provides an effective platform with a domain authority of 48. It caters to various industries, making it a versatile choice for directory submissions.

Free Directory Submission WebsitesDAPA

More Directory Submission Sites List 2024

Beyond the top 10, numerous other directories can contribute to your SEO efforts. Here are more high-quality directory submission sites for 2024:


High DA Best Business Listing Sites for Submission

In addition to general directory submission sites, business listing sites play a vital role in enhancing the online presence of businesses. Here are some high domain authority business listing sites for 2024:

Directory SiteDomain Authority (DA)
Facebook Business Pages95
Zomato for Businesses84
BBB Directory90
Google My Business81
Bing Places for Business52
FourSquare for Business93
MapQuest for Business89
Yelp for Business Owners94
CitySquares.com Business47
EZlocal Business Listing53
CYLEX Business Directory50

Different Types of Directory Submissions Used in SEO

Understanding the various types of directory submissions can help you tailor your strategy to meet specific SEO goals. Here are the different types:

  • Paid Directory Submission: This involves paying a fee for your website to be listed. These directories often have a higher domain authority and can provide valuable backlinks.
  • Free Directory Submission: As the name suggests, this is a cost-free option. While it may take longer to see results, free submissions can still contribute to your website’s SEO.
  • Reciprocal Directory Submission: Requires you to provide a reciprocal link on your website in exchange for being listed in the directory. Be cautious with this method, as excessive reciprocal links may be viewed as spammy.
  • Automatic Directory Submission: This involves using automated tools or services to submit your website to multiple directories quickly. Exercise caution, as this method can lead to submissions in irrelevant directories.
  • Niche Directory Submission: Focuses on submitting your website to directories that specifically cater to your industry or niche. These directories often provide targeted visibility.

FAQs about Directory Submission Sites for SEO

Is directory submission still relevant in 2024?

Yes, directory submission remains relevant in 2024. While the SEO landscape has evolved, high-quality directory submissions contribute to a diversified backlink profile, enhancing a website’s authority.

Are free directory submission sites effective?

Yes, free directory submission sites can be effective. While paid directories may offer quicker results, free submissions contribute to a natural link-building strategy.

How often should I update my directory listings?

Regularly update your directory listings to ensure accuracy and relevance. Consider updating them whenever there are changes to your business information.

Can directory submissions improve local SEO?

Yes, directory submissions can significantly improve local SEO, especially on business listing sites. Platforms like Google My Business and Yelp enhance local visibility.

Are there any risks associated with directory submissions?

The primary risk is engaging in spammy practices, such as overusing keywords or submitting to low-quality directories. Adhering to best practices mitigates these risks.

Conclusion: Does Directory Submission Still Work?

You can choose the paid links rather than doing them manually to make your work easier. But there will be no big difference in rankings in both cases. I prefer to do it manually to verify each directory for better rankings. 

One thing you need to remember before submitting your sites to the directory submission site, make sure that you submit them in the correct category. Choosing the wrong category may not generate good backlinks and also lead to spamming. 

The directory submission remains a valuable component of a holistic SEO strategy in 2024. While the digital landscape continues to evolve, the fundamentals of building a robust online presence through quality backlinks persist. Leveraging high domain authority free directory submission sites, along with strategic business listings, can amplify the impact of your SEO efforts.

The above-given list is fully checked by us. Each and every directory has been checked by submitting our sites and listed here only after confirming our verified links. We personally recommend you to check the page authorities and scam score before submitting your sites to any other directories found on the internet. 

Remember to adapt your approach to the changing algorithms and guidelines set by search engines. By embracing directory submission as a complementary strategy and adhering to best practices, you position your website for sustained visibility and success in the competitive online realm.

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