Are you looking for the perfect WordPress theme for your blog? If yes, you are in the right place to decide and pick a suitable theme. The ideal theme makes your blog look attractive, professional and gives better conversion rates through good sales.

But wrong themes divert your visitors in another direction. should I buy a WordPress theme? Yes. You can buy these themes without any doubt. 

themeforest review and best themes

So here I am introducing a detailed look at Themeforest review along with some useful tips. 

If you are planning to build a successful blog, the chosen WordPress theme gives perfect results. But, of course, the theme must be responsible for not only design and style, but it should also be functionally good.

After choosing the best WordPress hosting, another significant step is choosing the suitable WordPress theme as per your requirements. 

What is ThemeForest?

ThemeForest is powered by Envato society Australian company founded by Collis Ta’eedCyan, and Ta’eed Jun Rung.

envato community

ThemeForest is the world’s most popular premium WordPress themes marketplace. These are very good for WordPress users, where freelancers and independents can easily sell their WordPress themes to any other plugins.

The marketplace has different WordPress users, which have Template kits, HTML templates, marketing-related templates, eCommerce-related resources, blogger templates, and many more. From these, we are reviewing WordPress-related products review like Themes and plugins in this article.

ThemeForest Review

Is ThemeForest worth it?

ThemeForest WordPress Themes offers exceptional quality. After using many ThemeForest themes and reading many WordPress themes reviews, I can say today that this is the largest and one of the best-unlimited WordPress themes marketplaces to buy your WordPress themes. There are 48,810 WordPress themes in this marketplace.

How does ThemeForest work for you?

ThemeForest is one of the Envato Market family parts and another well-known WordPress plugin marketplace – CodeCanyon.

Most of the WordPress developer’s first choice is the ThemeForest marketplace to sell their themes and plugins. After developing their theme or plugins, they will upload them into the ThemeForest account for theme validation. After validation and quality check, they will approve those themes to sell on this marketplace. 

The ThemeForest WordPress themes are very effective and responsive than other free themes and are classified according to well-defined categories:

  • Blog / Magazine: Over 900 Blog / Magazine WordPress themes are available
  • Creative: Over 2300 Creative WordPress themes are available
  • Corporate: Over 2800 Corporate WordPress themes are available
  • Retail: More than 1100 Retail WordPress themes are available
  • Technology: Over 300 Technology WordPress themes are available
  • Nonprofit: Over 300 Non-Profit WordPress themes are available
  • Education: Over 244 education WordPress themes are available.
  • Entertainment: Over 600 Entertainment WordPress themes are available.
  • Miscellaneous: More than 132 Miscellaneous WordPress themes are available
  • Mobile: Over 17 Mobile template is available
  • BuddyPress: More than 35 BuddyPress WordPress themes are available
  • eCommerce: Over 1300 eCommerce WordPress themes are available
  • Real Estate: Over 184 real estate WordPress themes are available
  • Wedding: Over 101 Wedding WordPress themes are available

Pricing of themes on Themeforest

The pricing of WordPress themes at ThemeForest, this varies from WordPress theme to theme. Generally, You can buy website template prices ranging from $20 to $ 70.

The great strength of the site is that ThemeForest also offers WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins are quite accessible in price, with plugins that range from $3 to over $20. (See the list of WordPress plugins here: ThemeForest WordPress Plugins)

How does ThemeForest licensing work?

If you purchase the Themeforest standard licenses, you have to know the details of this standard license. They are two types – Regular License and Extended License.

               Regular LicenseExtended License
Number of end products11
Use in a single end productAllowedAllowed
Use in a free end product (more than one end user allowed)AllowedAllowed
Use in an end product that’s soldNot AllowedAllowed
On-demand products/services
(e.g. “made to order” or “create your own” apps and sites)
One license per each customized end productNot Allowed
Use in stock items/templatesNot AllowedNot Allowed

The regular license helps you to work on a digital platform without any restrictions. If you want to transfer your design and work to your client along with your theme license, you have to buy an additional extended license for this. But in the extended license, redistribution is not allowed due to their limitations. There are no ThemeForest lifetime membership plans right now.

How to find a suitable theme from ThemeForest?

Every month thousands of new themes are validated in various WordPress theme marketplaces. So choosing the perfect themes from those marketplaces are the very toughest part. In the case of ThemeForest, it came with many added features and was equipped with multiple options to find your perfect theme.

To start choosing the theme, ThemeForest has an effective search feature to find the perfect WordPress theme as per your needs. 

envato themeforest search feature

The marketplace has been categorized into 14 top levels, which should be helpful. After a search in the search bar, you will find the long list of the themes list for your preferred search term. You can narrow your results by using the five subcategories like Bestsellers, Newest, Best rated, Trending, and Price.

wordpress responsive search results

Then you can use the ThemeForest inbuilt filter system to catch the suitable theme from the huge list easily. 

Points to be considered before choosing a theme

After narrowing your themes list,  you have to observe and investigate more details like below.

a. Check the theme preview in Demo site

On ThemeForest, every theme has a live preview section with preconfigured themes on the demo site to know more details about the theme’s features and functionalities. This live preview section also helps you to check all customization, and color changing, and layout checking for better ideas to move your blog’s branding to the next level.  

theme live preview

Do not forget to check the theme, is the theme mobile responsive or not. Because 70% of internet traffic is coming from mobiles. So check the two to three times demo sections including screenshots.

b. Check sidebar information

themes and providers rating details

After the demo section, you have to check the sidebar section of the theme landing sales page. In the sidebar, you will find valuable information like the Number of sales, Last updated date, Buyers rating, and comments. These sections are very helpful to know the theme status from the user’s voice section. Check those sections to decide if the theme is safe and secured or not. 

C. Read the theme description

In the description section, the developer will provide premium plugins along with themes by combining the theme pack. So you have to read this section before taking the next action. 

How to buy a theme From ThemeForest?

Purchasing a theme on ThemeForestthemeforest is very simple. To do this, you have to go to the right sidebar and click on the “Buy Now” button and then choose the type of license whether Regular or Extended license.

1. If you are planning to continue the shopping then click on the “Add to cart” button otherwise go for the “Buy Now” button.

themeforest secure checkout

2. On the next page, you have to create an Envato account and complete the billing process.

3. The envanto system supports two payment methods – PayPal and Skrill. You can choose any one of the methods to complete the purchasing process.

Read item support policy

All of the themes on ThemeForest are protected against major security issues. You can access the latest version after you purchase and you will get the updates when the developer releases new changes.

Most of the authors are providing their support for up to 6 months only if you are facing any issue on theme installation, bug,  general concern. If you need support after that period, you can extend your support by choosing the “Extend support to 12 months” by paying the suggested money.

If you take a Newspaper 10 WordPress theme, the price of the theme is $59. They are providing complete updates lifetime and 6 months’ support.

If you need assistance after these 6 months, you have to pay $17 for an additional 12 months of support. Must read the refund request on ThemeForest. 

Best Themeforest WordPress Themes list

Here I listed a few of the top-rated themes from the ThemeForest WordPress themes platform.

1. X WordPress Theme by THEMECO


X WordPress Theme X fits into the trend of WordPress themes “Swiss Army Knife“. With a single theme, you might as well do a showcase site, an e-commerce site, the possibilities seem endless priorities.

  • SEO Optimized: Your SEO will without too much fuss.
  • Easily translatable: A website in English or any other language, the theme is automatically using the supportive language customizer.
  • Coded properly: No major problems here. The developers have done their job properly.
  • Compatible E-Commerce: If you want to sell your products, this is not a problem.
  • Price: $29
  • Total sales: 213,112

This is one of the founding elements of X. Fully WordPress theme based on customization; the theme will allow you to stand out even if thousands of people have this theme.

As you can see in the picture below, the “Customizer” X WordPress theme will allow you to pay via a single interface, using the WordPress customization panel, the various settings that are to be applied to your theme.

If you do not want to go into too complicated settings, be aware that you have 4 presets in X themes:

  • Integrity: the most flexible and generic theme, adaptable for any type of website.
  • Renew Themes more oriented blog or portfolio.
  • Icon: minimalist theme to suit the personal blog.
  • Ethos: Full Theme-oriented magazine.

In addition to these presets, you can enjoy yourself quickly and easily with all aspects of your website. Color to the size of your fonts and buttons you, you really have hold of your WordPress theme to give it color and the look you want.

According to the words of the creators of the X WordPress theme, top experts have collaborated to give the user who has chosen this theme the key for a successful website.

The website of the options is very long for me to keep your list here. This theme is a real little gem, and without any surprise, I decided to put it up on one of my sites!

2. Bucket WordPress Theme

bucket wordpress theme

The Bucket WordPress theme incorporates a scoring system if you ever have in mind to test a product or service. This rating system is really well-built.

For your pleasure and mine, the WordPress theme you will facilitate this insertion Bucket! But this functionality may be integrated subsequently, given its importance.

  • Price: $75
  • Total sales: 2,808

As so often, when testing a product or service, it is fun and interesting to insert several photos to illustrate your points.

3. Inovado Theme

invado responsive wordpress theme

The Inovado WordPress theme also includes many features like support of SEO native and a dashboard that has many options that allow you to take control of your WordPress theme quickly and easily.

Special features:

  • woocommerce supportive
  • Fully Responsive
  • Retina ready theme
  • It is fully customizable
  • Tons of shortcodes
  • Comes with Premium sliders
  • Comes with Layered PSD files
  • Great useful Video tutorials
  • Price: $59
  • Total sales: 15,931

 If you want to have your WordPress theme Inovado in another language, know that translation is possible because it has been thought upstream.

Small features are particularly appreciated that seem trivial but which makes those details end up counting a lot.

I think of the header of the WordPress theme that can remain sticky. If you scroll down your content, your header will remain visible, which is still some comfort for your users that n ‘will no longer need to go up the page to access the different menus.

The design is very clean, in the trend of what is done now.

I just regret that I judge a design mat. Indeed, it lacks that little touch of madness which makes the WordPress theme Inovado not going to stay in people.

4. Jarida WordPress Theme

jarida wordpress theme

The Jarida WordPress theme has an interesting feature for our friends who wish to set up a website in Arabic or Hebrew: RTL (Right to Left). Clearly, the text is read from right to left. It has a rigorous system in these languages instead of reading from left to right, as is the case in our language. No need to tweak the source code of your WordPress theme!

Special features:

  • Built-in Review system (rich snippet)
  • Customizable home page by drag and drop
  • Unlimited combinations of colors
  • 35 default embedded widgets
  • 7 types of pages
  • Responsive Google Adsense design
  • Specially coded mega menu for categories
  • Schema SEO Rich snippet review Microdata
  • Sticky navigation menu integrated
  • Morethan 650 Google web fonts integrated
  • More than 30 shortcodes
  • Price: $159
  • Total sales: 8031

As moaster author is nice and concerned with its customers, it offers more than complete documentation to fully take over its theme Jarida. You will find FAQs and video tutorials if you face any troubles with this theme in theme configuration.
Jarida is perfectly prepared to get a high ranking on search engines. It’s built with web standards and SEO best practices in mind.
The Jarida WordPress theme is fully responsive, RTL supportive, WooCommerce ready with Drag and drop homepage builder.

5. Sahifa Theme

Sahifa is the most popular and friendly interface theme. This is the number 1 top-selling theme. The backend interface of the theme options is very good.

sahifa responsive wordpress theme
Buy this Theme
  • Price: $59
  • Total Sales:  27,748 

Special features:

  • A clean and responsive and retina ready design
  • Built-in Review System (rich snippet)
  • The phenomenal number of options in this theme
  • Available directly in English and it is translatable coding

You can choose a predefined color (Sahifa integrates over 6 defaults) or fully customize your website’s display by adding a background image or logo and slogan of your choice.

If your blog is dedicated to reviews of products or services, please note that a rating system is included by default. You can choose to display stars or percentages and choose the location of your note in your article: in the beginning, the end, or at the beginning and the end!

Another big advantage of the Sahifa WordPress theme is that it already has a translation feature from one language to another. Thus not need more time to translate this theme. It includes languages like German, Arabic, Croatian, French, Turkish, Spanish, and Portuguese.

We highly recommend the Sahifa WordPress theme, which is a gem. This view is shared by almost 3,400 people on Themeforest since this topic is one of the best-selling theme sales platforms!

6. Avada Theme

Avada 5.0 includes the new fusion builder. Rebuilt from the group up to be significantly improved in every way. The team’s months of hard work will not only continue to expand functionality via add-ons, but will change your outlook on what a theme can do.

avada wordpress themes
  • Price: $60
  • Total Sales: 608,620
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Special features:

  • The theme is 100% fully Responsive, every element included in the theme are fully responsive.
  • Fusion builder feature included. It is a visual page builder that allows you to create beautiful, stunning pages with little effort
  • Retina ready theme
  • Smart shortcode generator feature.
  • Specially built-in Mega menu which is perfect for large menus
  • Beautiful pre-built layouts
  • 100% WooCommerce, bbPress compatible

The theme includes over 80 new features to make building professional websites much easier.

7. BeTheme WordPress Theme

Betheme is another most popular and best-selling WordPress theme on ThemeForest. More than 2 lakh users are already using this theme. It is available with more than 500 ready-made websites with a great stylish look, which is ready to use on your site. The theme is developed by Muffin Group in 2014. They are releasing a new version every week. This is another one of the best WordPress themes for your websites. 

Betheme wordpress theme
  • Price: $59
  • Total Sales: 200,798
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Special features:

  • It is responsive and fits in all types of devices
  • It comes with more than 500+ pre-built websites for 30+ industries
  • Simple and well-coded theme. No additional skill required for theme customization
  • Best performance theme with 94% page speed in GTmetrix
  • SEO friendly coding structure
  • Two different page builders come with the theme – Visual composer and Muffin Builder
  • It supports WooCommerce, bbpress, BuddyPress, WPML and WordPress SEO plugins and many more

The BeTheme is a responsive and multipurpose WordPress theme and the perfect fit for 30+ industries like personal blogs, online eCommerce stores, event sites, sales pages, magazines,  much more.

8. Admania

Admania by ThemeForest

Admania is another excellent WordPress theme in this marketplace. It is a perfect theme for Adsense and Affiliate marketers to boost their revenue from the ads by increasing a very good CTR. 

Special features of Admania:

  • 100% Mobile-friendly design
  • Gutenberg compatible
  • In-built AMP layout
  • It comes with front-end ad live editor
  • Ad-friendly coding
  • The sticky ad at the bottom of the post.
  • Morethan 20  impressive layouts – ad-block layouts, Magazine Ad,  newsletter – ad layouts.
  • 7 single post layouts
  • 10 different headers
  • More than 10 different ads optimized placements
  • Inbuilt Ad-blocker detection system to improve revenue from the Ads
  • Attractive subscription box
  • The personalized homepage design with drag & drop builder
  • Price: $39
  • Total sales: 1941

The theme offers multiple ad placement areas to help the better ad revenue from your website. It comes with more than 9 layouts. Every layout has its unique features. 

Admania is a perfect option for those who are earning money from their blogs by using AdSense and Affiliate marketing. It was a Schema and SEO optimized WordPress theme.

9. Jupiter X

Jupiter X is the wonderful elementor based all-in-one WordPress theme to create pixel-perfect sites. Elementor is the page builder plugin, which helps you to customize every element in this theme as per your requirements. You can build your headers and footer with inbuilt visual editors

jupiter X theme
  • Price: $59
  • Total Sales: 138.1K
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Special features of Jupiter:

  • 100% SEO optimized, USer-friendly, Responsive, and retina ready
  • Front end theme customizer
  • Unique footer feature per page
  • Excellent customer support team to solve your issues.

The theme comes with more than 300+ pre-made website templates with regular new template updates.

10. Newspaper

Newspaper X is a clean and stylish architectured magazine design. It is another biggest and excellent theme for news, magazine, and review sites. The theme is developed by tagDiv (Envato Power Elite author).

newspaper 9 theme
  • Price: $59
  • Total Sales: 98,141
Buy this Theme

Special features of NewsPaper theme:

  • More options and styles with Gutenberg blocks
  • 100% responsive 
  • Simple drag and drop builder
  • More header and footer layouts
  • Ads optimized placements

If your blog is having large content, this theme is perfect to handle the large content by showing its elegant design. It is a must-have theme for even newbies to advanced WordPress users. 

Best ThemeForest Alternatives

Many marketplaces buy WordPress themes online, but the ThemeForest themes are exciting and impressive in their designs. Of course, ThemeForest is the biggest goldmine for every WordPress user. If you have good knowledge of WordPress themes and their customization, you will find most themes are bloated with thousands of code lines. Another one is most of the themes are using the Theme-lock feature. These locks will show an impact on changing themes in the future.

If your chosen theme does not reach your requirements, (or) if you are looking for high-quality WordPress themes and templates for your blog, you can take another look at this ThemeForest Alternatives. 

1. TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster is one of the best alternatives to Themeforest. This is also another largest online WordPress theme marketplace for Website templates. The marketplace is having more than 26k premium website templates and gained over 3 million customers. 


Features of TemplateMonster:

  • 100% Responsive and SEO friendly
  • It comes with complete documentation
  • 24/7 customer support
  • It has a partnership with InMotion hosting
  • GPLv3 licensing themes
  • You can try the theme interface before purchasing by demos of themes and plugins

The themes are categorized as Business & Services, real estate, Car & Motorcycles, MEdial, and Photography. Most of the themes are $79 with the complete necessary files pack.

2. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is another excellent ThemeForest alternative. The themes have served more than 6,00,000 customers until now. More than 85 WordPress themes in this marketplace and a few plugins provide one access for a single price.

Elegant themes deals

Features of Elegant themes:

  • Responsive and good at coding part
  • One license is enough for complete themes and plugin usage
  • Lifetime access is giving full access, and you can use those products on unlimited websites.
  • Generous support for every customer
  • Risk-free products
  • Divi builder has a great library of more than 800 individual page templates

In this, my favorite part is the Divi theme builder, Bloom email opt-in plugin, and Monarch Social media plugin. Really if you are looking for high-quality products for your WordPress blog growth, this is one of the best alternatives. 

3. MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop gained very good popularity as another best WordPress themes and plugins provider online. They are selling different types of themes like magazine themes, blog themes, WooCommerce themes, and business themes.

There are plenty of special features that are available in the themes at MyThemeShop. Here I am mentioning a few points. They are

MyThemeshop deals

All themes are simple, responsive, super-fast, lightweight, and SEO-friendly. If you are planning to buy SEO-friendly WordPress themes, this is another fit for WordPress blogs.

You can read the Mythemeshop review for more details and recommended WordPress themes for sale as category-wise.

  • Easy coding: Most of the theme developers are using some difficult coding to develop their themes. But these themes are made with simple coding and easily editable to change your design structure. Using their Forums and video tutorials, you can easily change the options as per your blog requirement.
  • Regular updates: Mythemeshop is releasing updates for its Themes and Plugins. These updates help you to keep your themes from dangerous bug infections. The developer team rectifies the bug problems in their later versions.
  • Built-in features: The built-in features help you to change your blog options as per the blog needs. It has excellent inbuilt SEO options, Shortcodes, and lots of advanced widgets to make your blog more powerful.
  • Easy to use: The developers are trying to add more features regularly to customize blog options as you want. They are making theme codes very simple. Even non-techy persons can easily customize without any trouble in theme customization.

4. StudioPress

StudioPress company is the leading developer in the Genesis framework theme development. They are providing the complete framework theme and plenty of child themes for various blogs. They are perfect for improving your online business. Some of the Genesis child themes are free to use, and a few are premium child themes (you must pay some dollars to use this).

studiopress deals

What is the Genesis Framework? Studio Press releases mobile responsive and coded with the latest HTML5 genesis child themes (The next generation of web markup). It makes your site compatible with all devices like smartphones, Cross browser compatible and makes your site SEO friendly. To use these themes, you need WordPress hosting. 

Studiopress vs. ThemeForest: Both are user and SEO-friendly themes with attractive and customizable designs. 

What are the Pros and Cons of ThemeForest?

WordPress is a very good CMS. It does not require coding knowledge to work with this. Here are the pros and cons of the ThemeForest marketplace.


  • For a WordPress theme developer, selling WordPress themes is difficult. It needs more validations before placing the themes on the marketplace. Which makes users get high quality and best themes. 
  • All themes are responsive, SEO friendly, and user friendly.
  • Pricing starts from $9
  • Easy to set up and cheap


  • Most of the themes come with fancy animations and cool effects. It slows down the load time. So you have to know how to improve the age loading speed if you are using these themes. Of course, this is a straightforward task.
  • The theme size is a little bit.
  • You have to personalize and customize the theme before 
  • Few of the themes are not Gutenberg ready.
  • A few of the authors are not responding for a few years after placing the products on the marketplace. So you have to check all details before buying the product as mentioned in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Themeforest?

    Themeforest is one of the biggest online Premium WordPress marketplaces. For WordPress users, the themes are perfect for their blogs, from personal to professional blogs. The developers can also use this as the best place to show their coding skills. Here, freelancers and independents can easily sell their creations of WordPress themes to any other plugins.

  2. Is ThemeForest safe?

    Selling themes on marketplaces is not easy. It requires more checks for validation to place those good themes on the Themeforest platform. So the themes are safer and secured with developer support on this marketplace. Simply ThemeForest themes are safer. Every theme, plugin, the script is validated by following their standards before placing the sales.

  3. Can you use ThemeForest themes more than once?

    You can technically use the ThemeForest themes more than once because these are 100% GPL (General Public Licence) products. You can do more customizations and change whatever you want the themes and plugins as per your requirement. If you transfer the license and the data to your client, you have to buy another extended license.

  4. How to update WordPress theme ThemeForest?

    Once the theme is activated with ThemeForest purchase code, you can update those themes from your dashboard once the developer releases the new update. It will be updated automatically when you click on the update button from your WordPress dashboard. 

  5. How to install a ThemeForest theme on WordPress?

    Installing ThemeForest WordPress themes is very easy. Actually, this is a third-party theme provider, so you have to manually download these themes in a zip format from your ThemeForest account ( Upload the zip file after extracting the original zip file. Then activate the theme by adding the purchase code on the theme settings page. 

Final Words

ThemeForest is the first and best preference for any customer who wants to add high-quality themes to their websites. Even though there are many alternatives for ThemeForest, you can prefer this theme provider for its popularity and assured quality of themes. 

Anyway, before purchasing the ThemeForest, make sure you read all the details of the product. Since it is a marketplace where you will find different sellers, check all the reviews before any theme purchase. This ThemeForest review will help you choose the best theme with adequate security.