There are many CDN services for WordPress blogs that are available for free for your websites.  Before knowing about the list of the best free CDN services for WordPress blogs, let us first know what is CDN service is?

As the scope of the internet is increasing day by day the number of users using the internet is also increasing and everyone is it wish to use websites for fast and Secure.

No user shows interest in a blog or a website that loads slowly or if it is not found secure. The users will bounce back in seconds if there are issues in your pages. So it is always important to provide your users with fast and secure web pages. 

Now the question is what is it with CDN services to do with the speed and security of websites or blogs. A CDN service is a content delivery network service.

This service will help your pages to load fastly by serving static content from the servers located all over the globe.

best cdn services list

The CDN service providers will locate their servers in different places of the world and they provide a service of helping your web pages to load faster by serving static content saved in their servers.

In general, you buy hosting in any of the hosting services and you build a website and store the information in that server.

When your visitors visit your website your web pages load the information from your hosting server. This is ok if you have very little traffic. But if your traffic increases and when there is a huge load on the server, everyone may not get the accurate results in loading and the loading time increases or breaks. 

In this case, you need to choose a CDN service that helps in loading your web pages by taking the cached data from your server which is stored in the CDN servers.

How to know if a CDN is good?

Every CDN service will save you with many features that are quite common in all of them. It is somewhat difficult to only rely on the features shown by them. while choosing the best CDN you need to consider some features that are shown below.

A. Bandwidth

  • In the CDN service, you will be given a certain amount of bandwidth that you can use per month for your traffic.
  • 200GB is the least bandwidth you get for any kind of CDN. but if you want more bandwidth, you can get up to 2500 GB of Bandwidth on your premium plans.
  • For any additional bandwidth, you need to pay a $0.06 for every GB you spend.
  • This may also decrease when you opt for high priced plans.
  • Most of the Web hosting companies are enabled their services with free CDN hosting.

B. SSL certificates

  • SSL certificate is most important for any kind of website.
  • The SSL certificate will give you an additional layer of security for you and also to your website visitors.
  • You can choose the CDN service if it provides you with SSL certificates.

3. DDoS Security

  • DDoS Security is most necessary for any kind of website to protect the websites from malicious viruses.
  • These malicious viruses are installed in your databases by hackers.
  • The DDoS security system will protect your data by automatically removing these viruses from your servers.
  • Every CDN will have the services of DDoS migration and DDoS protection in their servers, if not you can choose some other service as your CDN.

4. Image Optimization

  • Images of the first reason why your Bounce rate will increase or page loading time increases.
  • The websites loading speed will increase due to different resolutions of images that are to be loaded in the visitor’s browser.
  • This CDN you are looking to install for your website should have the image Optimisation system which lets your website load in seconds optimizing the images.

5. Customer support

  • Even though once you install the CDN for your website and this CDN takes care of the rest of the things, we don’t know when a situation may occur that you face a technical issue that you cannot solve by yourself.
  • Hence a 24/7 customer support is necessary for this type of CDN service. You can choose a CDN service if it serves you with the best customer support.

What Multi CDN Provider?

Most of the websites are loading from one central server.  If you are targetting small geological locations for target visitors, the Multi CDN provider will give good results.

When you targetting international users, the visitors face the page loading problems. This is due to the passage of information from one server to international visitors.

Here multi CDN will help you more. If you use multi CDN network, the visitors love your site because of page fast loading.

If a CDN providers network goes down, we will route traffic through another provider. This means we can guarantee a 100% service uptime.

Best CDN Services for WordPress

Basically, you need to purchase these CDN services to have good results but there are many free services that provide you with the CDN for free.

Here is the list of top CDN providers 2019 that you can use for your websites for better page loading.  

1. Cloudflare


Cloudflare a very popular CDN service with 115 data centers around the globe. It is one of the best CDN. The Cloudflare CDN also provides a paid plan for large websites but small websites can also use this CDN which works perfectly in delivering good speed for your pages.

They provide an easy to use dashboard which contains all the options that provide security for your pages. In the Cloudflare, you also have a feature that provides the SSL certificates for your websites. This is the best, free, and simple CDN for WordPress blogs.

You can install the WordPress plugin which directly connects to the Cloudflare dashboard. This way you can monitor all the web page Analytics using the cloud player directly in your WordPress dashboard. The Premium version is also available. This is one of the cheap CDN.

2. Photon by Jetpack


This is a well-known product for all the WordPress users which provides analytics and security for WordPress blog. But this Jetpack also has an additional feature in providing CDN services named under 14 which is used by many bloggers who are using Jetpack.

You can access the photon by Jetpack directly in the Jetpack dashboard on your WordPress website. This is the best image CDN. Simply install the Jetpack plugin for your WordPress site and in the dashboard, you will find the photon option and simply by enabling it. You can provide CDN service for your website and everything else will be taken care of by the Jetpack plugin

3. Swarmify

swarmify CDN

This Varma fi is another best CDN service which provides best page loading times for your websites. They are currently providing the services over 196 countries and in their free plan, they provide 250 GB bandwidth and in that 10 GB is only for images. They also provide CDN for videos, but for video CDN you need to purchase a premium plan.

The way Swamify works is slightly different from other services. The Swamify is a peer-to-peer based CDN. That is is your web pages are load based on the peers that are already connected to your server. For example, if a person visits your website then he will be the first peer of your website, now when another person located near to your first peer access your website that data from the first peer is loaded to the second peer other than the server.

In this way, your server bandwidth can be reduced and your page loading time will also increase. To activate Swamify for your website you can simply download the plugin from the WordPress plugins Store.

4. Google Cloud CDN Platform

google cloud platform

As  Google has services all over the world they are also providing the cloud platform for websites which gives you a fast and reliable performance for your web pages.

The Google cloud CDN platform offers you a credit of $300 for one year in which you can use their Google Google cloud CDN. You can simply access the cloud CDN by hosting your WordPress site on Google Cloud. By this, you can simply increase the page speeds and also the reliability of your web pages. 

5.  Cloudinary

cloudinary CDN

Cloudinary is an image management software in the cloud to save lots of GB that is occupied in your servers. If you are hosting image websites in your server, no doubt it would cost you a lot of GB on the bandwidth because images take much MB to load in your users’ Browser.

So it is always a good idea to share your image data onto other services and make them available for your users for better image loading. Cloudinary does that exactly for you. You can use the Cloudinary CDN and you can host your images in that service so that your images will load at the right time for your users. The Cloudinary CDN is free for lifetime offering you a 2 GB storage and a 5GB bandwidth.

6. Amazon CloudFront

amazon cloudfront cdn

Amazon CloudFront CDN is coming with great secured data delivery, Video applications, and API support. The CloudFront is integrated with Amazon Web services. Those physical locations are connected directly to AWS’s global infrastructure.

You can integrate WordPress blogs by using Amazon AWS CDN plugin or WP Offload S3 Lite plugin easily. If you are new to this, you can follow these instructions to connect your blog with this CDN.

Popular Paid CDN Services

Even though the free CDN may work very well for your websites, it is only until your websites have a limited user but when the number of users increases the bandwidth provided by the CDN’s is also not enough.

Hence there are some CDNs that provide you read options which you need to purchase if your website is getting huge traffic.

1. Imperva CDN (Formerly Incapsula)

Incapsula CDN service is moved to the Imperva CDN provider. it is the most popular cybersecurity leader in the CDN industry. Which are available through the Imperva Flex Protect licensing plans. They are providing great Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS protection and Application Delivery services. You can try this.

2. StackPath CDN

Max CDN is now StackPath. It is another best and most heard name for paid CDN networks. The starting price of the StackPack CDN price is $9 per month. Highwinds CDN is another most popular CDN in the past. Recently it was merged into new StackPath CDN Edge services. The CDN pricing is similar to the old version. Stackpath cost is reasonable.

3. Rackspace CDN

The Rackspace charges you you based on the load on their servers from your website for the first 10 TB of CDN Bandwidth it charges you $0.12.

4. Edgecast Content Delivery Network

Edgecast is a Content Delivery Network from the Verizon Digital Media Service. They offer great performance with advanced enterprise features like Static caching, dynamic content acceleration, and more security features like DDoS mitigation, web app firewall, and origin cloaking. You can try the 30 days CDN free trial of these CDN services.

5. KeyCDN

KeyCDN is another high-performance Content Delivery Network for WordPress users. It delivers the content to your users with blazing speed after a complete setup. They are one of the leading CDN providers from Switzerland. You can buy CDN this and this is the perfect choice for WordPress blogs which are getting huge traffic.

6. Microsoft Azure CDN

The Microsoft Azure CDN helps you reduce the time, saves more bandwidth and giving great speed. This is suitable for mobile apps or encoding and distributing streaming media, gaming software, firmware updates or IoT endpoints and for developing or managing websites. It comes with impressive infrastructure for fast loading features. The cloud hosts support ASP.NET.

How to setup CDN for your WordPress Blog?

How to use CDN in WordPress? This is very simple. Just Here are the few simple steps.

  1. Choose one of the best CDN as per your blog requirement.
  2. Complete the signup process and go for the CDN account dashboard.
  3. Replace the default Nameservers with CDN provided Nameservers to complete the setup
  4. Finally, connect your blog with the CDN network by using WordPress CDN plugin and configure it properly.

If you are new to this, here is the guide of Cloudflare CDN setup with WordPress blog and basic Cloudflare settings.


If you are a beginner and you want to use a CDN service you can try out the first 5 free CDN services provided in this list. 

But if you are site is getting used graphics you should always prefer the paid CDN. Personally, I am using Cloudflare free CDN. The above-listed providers are WordPress CDN based.

If you are already using a CDN please feel free to share it with other users in the comment section below. 

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