Cookies and clear cookies are hot topics on the Internet. I want to tell you what they are, and after eliminating queries, I will surely tell you how to clear cookies from Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer (now it is the Internet Edge browser in Windows 10).

how to clear cookies

For it to have a definition of what is a Cookie turn to Wikipedia and say:

“It is a little information sent by a website and stored in the user’s browser so that the website can consult the previous user activity”

when we are browsing a web page the browser stores information like where you come from, how long have you been seeing such a thing?

This article will help you with how to clear cookies and browsing history.

What are cookies?

Cookies are one of the main tools used by websites to monitor or record our activities, presumably to make a lot of internet surfing easier.

These cookies are stored on our computers in the form of small text files and harbor a lot of information about our surfing habits. They are collected by their creators during their stay on the PC.

While the vast majority of these cookies do not represent in any way dangerous, the truth is that some of them may be able to retain very private information about what we do, where we go, or even related to our personal data, all information very private nature, and does not have to be known by anyone.

  • You take the user control: when a user enters their username and password, a cookie is stored so you do not have to be introducing them to each page server. However, a cookie does not identify only one person, but a combination of computer – browser – user. If we go into a forum or a website with restricted access the browser is able to remember our login data in order to provide us such access. This we like.
  • Get information about the user’s browsing habits and attempted spyware (spyware), by agencies and other advertising. This can cause privacy and is one of the reasons that the cookies have their detractors. This also we like but we are concerned.

Critics of cookies defend their position with a fairly logical argument; while we are surfing the Internet should be able to do it without anyone knowing where we’ve been, if we agreed to such a place or if we have been many minutes in an area of ​​the website.

How peacefully coexist with cookies?

Do not believe the myth that if we spy on them, they will steal the data. We have been watching sports news on a website store, and we have then gone speaking of apples, and we have given like one of your videos is something that does not hurt anyone.

It also allows some pages (ours did not have them) to allow advertisers like Google and Amazon have more information on the habits of their readers so we can offer more direct advertising.

In any case, if you do not want to have cookies around us, there are two measures that you can take now:

  • We will use the private Incognito mode (Google Chrome and Safari) and so nothing is stored in our information.
  • The web page that asks us to accept the use of cookies to give ‘not accept’, you may leave us to navigate and some other … no. It depends on us.

Furthermore, many websites permit the use of third-party cookies, i.e., cookies from advertisers or websites linked in some way to the services, complicating matters even further. To make sure this does not become a problem in this article, we know how to clear cookies from your browser. This is one of the security aspects of the browser that protects our privacy.

How to Clear Cookies from your Browser?

How to remove cookies in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is one of the top-rated and most popular browsers, and it is one of the products of Google services. Chrome cookies are deleted in a step-by-step process.

First, click on the Chrome menu in the top right corner (which looks like three lines), then click on Settings.

In the shown new window choose the option Show advanced settings

After that under the privacy section, click on Content settings

privacy and content settings in chrome

To manage Cookies, click on the all cookies and site data under Cookies

hit on All cookies and site data

After click on all cookies and site data, this option redirects to other new windows. Now you can delete cookies of a specific page or delete all of your browser cookies.

Remove all cookie data

If you want to remove all cookies, just click on the “Remove all” button to clear cookies, or if you want to remove particular web cookies, click on the [X] mark (delete this item).

This is a simple process to delete cookies from the browser. If you want to disable cookies, this is very simple to do. Just select the Settings > Privacy > Content settings > Block sites from setting any data then click on Done

How to Delete Cookies In Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is one of the open-source browsers from the Mozilla Foundation. This puts Google Chrome in direct competition with online internet users. This is straightforward; simply follow the steps in this guide to delete cookies in the Mozilla browser.

Step 1: We click on the icon of the three lines in the top right corner of the menu.

Step 2: Select the option “Options“.

firefox options
remove individual cookies.

Step 3: We click on the tab “Privacy” and then click on the link “Remove individual cookies.”.

remove cookies in firefox

Step 4: In the table presented, we can choose to delete only certain cookies or delete them all, what we can do with the buttons “Remove Selected,”  which we previously selected to remove, or with the button “Remove All.”

Step 5: Finally, we press the button “Close“.

How to delete cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Step 1: We click on the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner.

internet options

Step 2: After that, select the item “Internet Options” from the drop-down menu.

Clear cookies in Internet Explorer

Step 3: Next, click on the button “Delete” located under “Delete browsing history on exit“.

Step 4: In the window that displays, click on the option “Delete“.

Step 5: Finally, click on the button “OK”.

How to Delete Cookies in Safari?

Now it is time to perform the above steps in the Safari browser. After following the above steps, you should have an idea of how to clear cookies in the Safari browser.

Almost all browsers have the same options for privacy. You just have to find the option in the Safari browser.

After you’ve finished browsing the internet with the Safari browser, follow the steps below to clear cookies.

  • Click on the top right corner of the Safari browser.
  • Then click on Preferences.
  • Now choose or click on Privacy > Details.
  • Finally, if you want to clear all cookies, click on the “Remove all” button. That’s it. All the cookies will be deleted from your browser.
  • If you want to delete a particular website, just select the site from the list by clicking on it and then click on the Remove button. Finally, click on Done to save all the settings and you are done.

Final Words

The above tutorial is very clear and practically done before writing this guide.

Actually, most internet users have the same question about what cookies are and how to clear cookies from the browser when the user feels the browser becomes slow while it is running.

If you Clear History Cookies Your Computer browser and browsing are safe.

Deleting cookies (how to clear cookies) is a simple but critical step in ensuring secure browsing.

Do not worry about this regular clearing of the cookies, which is not important. Because general browsing of websites is not harmful,

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