What is the Best WordPress Permalink for Better SEO

Now a days WordPress blog creation is very easy and its maintenance is very common. But if we compare with other blogging platforms (Blogger, Typepad, weebly like platforms) WordPress stands  at first position. If you are using BlogSpot platform, the choice of blogger Permalink setup is absent. So Customize Blogger permalink is not possible.

Along with this, you should follow these Recommended Settings after new WordPress Installation

This changes should be according to search engines. In this post I am discussing about one of the important aspect “WordPress permalink and its setup”. Let us know about these setup.

What is a Permalink ?

What are Permalinks? Permalinks are blog post URLs. Most of the bloggers are migrating from “Blogger.com” to “Self Hosted WordPress CMS” because of this WordPress permalink facility. This is very important aspect in WordPress  SEO for better optimization for search engines.

How to Use Permalinks? In the Permalinks, you can change the Blog post, Category, Author, Post name URLs by changing these resources  %category%, %tag%, %author%, (or) %postname%.

Example: www. yourdomainname.com/?p=123

In the context of blogging it’s most simply understood as a direct and the permanent link to a specific blog post.  But, as you can see above, the Default look is a little bit hard to read and remember, right?  What does “?p=123″ even mean to anyone?

Nothing, that’s what. So, one of the numerous benefits of using WordPress is that you can declare a Pretty Permalink structure  or in laymen terms a “more readable” link to your blog post.

How to Change Permalinks in WordPress from Default Permalink?

To change this WordPress permalink setup follow this simple steps. In the Settings → Permalinks panel, you can choose one of the more common permalink structures or enter your own in the “Custom structure” field using the structure tags.

  • Go to WordPress dashboard after login
  • Select Settings>Permalinks option from the left side column.
  • Then choose the best WordPress Permalink, which is suitable for your blog.

What is the Best WordPress Permalink for Better SEO

Which WordPress permalink structure is Suitable for your blog:

This is common and first question to raise in WordPress newbie, because this permalink  shows its role in SEPRs (Search Engine Page Ranks) of SEO.

Type 1: Plain Permalink:

  • An example of the default structure is https://bloggingden.com/?p=123
  • This is the WordPress default permalink (Ugly permalink).
  • This permalink has no value in SEO.

Type 2: Day and Name Permalink:

  • An example of the day and name based structure is
  • This permalink is suitable to NEWS relating to blogs and It belongs to time dependent blogs.

Type 3: Month and Name Permalink:

  • An example of the month and name based structure is
  • If you are maintaining Technology related blog, this permalink is correct choice. It is SEO friendly URL.

Type 4: Numeric Permalink:

  • An example of the numeric structure is /

Type 5: Post Name Permalink:

  • An example of the post name structure is
  • Most of the WordPress professionals opining it as “This is the best permalink”.
  • Personally i am using/%postname%/” permalink for my WordPress hosted blogs including this blog.
  • This is most recommended permalink structure, which is recommended by the professionals.

Type 6: Custom Structure:

  • In the box specify the custom structure you desire to use. One example is/archives/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/.


I am not saying that all WordPress permalinks setup must be same like as given above. To Setup your blog permalink, use any one of the above 3 examples. After completing this setup your blog will get full functionality as per Search Engine Optimization. Do not forget your blog URL Should not be “?”, “.exe”, “.php (php permalinks)”, “.html” extensions, because there is no importance in SEO.

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What is the Best Permalink Setup in Wordpress SEO?

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