10 Best WordPress Advertising Plugin list to increase Blog Revenue 2020

Are you searching for the best Google Adsense plugins for WordPress blogs? If yes, you are the right place. Here is the best WordPress Advertising plugins list to pick the best which are suitable for your blog.

Of course, these are the most popular Google AdSense WordPress Plugins for Adsense users and affiliate marketing users.

Google Adsense is the first choice for every blogger and webmasters to earn money in a legal way. Placing ads is the best way to earn money through your blog.  This is an excellent platform to display relevant ads to your blog or website content.

best google adsense plugins for wordpress

When a user clicks on the relevant ads you will get money in your AdSense account. If you do not have any Adsense follow the quality guideline of the Google team to approve your Adsense account. Before applying for the Adsense account, your blog must be prepared as their Google Adsense guidelines.

Once approved your account, your task will begin in placing ads at desired positions of the blog. This is very typical for a newbie. The placing of ads must give great CTR and be worth earning. So I listed a few of the WordPress Adsense Plugins to place ads within the content without any coding knowledge. This is a friendly plugin for every beginner as well as advanced users.

Today I am introducing a few of the best WordPress Advertising plugin lists for WordPress blogs. Pick one of the Adsense plugins as per your need and place the ads at your desired positions.

Best Google AdSense Plugins for WordPress

If you are using Google Adsense on WordPress blogs. the given plugins are giving good results. Here are the best Google AdSense plugins for WordPress in 2020. Pick one of the plugins to install in your blog and place the ad codes.

1. Google Site Kit

google site kit wordpress plugin

The site kit is an official WordPress plugin from Google. The plugin is free and open-source. It is a one-stop solution to insert ads, manage, and get insights from Google tools.

Of course, the Google site kit WordPress plugin is a great option for WordPress users. This Google WordPress plugin has more than 300,000 active WordPress installations.

It is providing up to date insights from multiple google products on your WordPress dashboard. It helps you to save more time to log in multiple google tools. The site kit is a simple and lightweight plugin for easy to set up and configure key Google products. It has detailed documentation on how to use this plugin.

It shows the key metrics and insights of Search Console, Google Analytics, AdSense, Page Speed Insights, Tag manager and Optimize. So this is the best google plugin for WordPress blogs to display google ads. You can use this official google Adsense plugin for WordPress to display ads within your blog.


  • You get metrics for your entire site and individual posts
  • Quick setup with all the supportive google products
  • Official stats at one place – WordPress dashboard
  • Setup completes within 3 steps.

2. Adinjection

ad injection placement

Adinjection is one of the great plugins for WordPress lovers to place all types of ads. You can place the ads from Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, Click bank, TradeDoubler, and ads from any other ad providers into the existing content of your WordPress posts and pages.

This plugin gives the ad a controlling feature. You can control the number of ads based on the post length.  You can restrict the ad display by visitor IP, referrer, and post’s age base.

You place the ads at the sidebar/Widget area by using this plugin. This plugin supports dynamic restrictions also. Really this is an amazing plugin with lots of options to configure ads at your desired place.

3. Easy Plugin for Adsense

easy plugin for adsense plugin

Easy Plugin for Adsense is the simple WordPress plugin for Adsense to place the ads to your WordPress site with just a few clicks. This plugin helps you to place the ads on the home page and within the post/page of your site.

This plugin follows Google’s policy strictly. It allows displaying three ads only on the same page not more than that.  The plugin is available in a multi-language version also. This is a very Easy Adsense Plugin to place the Adsense ads.

4. WordPress Ad Widget

wordpress ad widget plugin

WordPress Ad plugin is the easiest plugin to place the ads on your WordPress site. Install and activate the plugin and to use the widgets, go to Appearance> Widget from the dashboard. you will find the widgets with the titles “WordPress Ad Widget”.  You can use this widget by drag and drop method.

This plugin has a feature to display both text and images of advertisements by using the plugin.

These simple plugins have unlimited widget placing features. But you must obey the policies of the ad providers before placing the ads in widgets.

5. Google Adsense by BestWebSoft

Google AdSense by BestWebSoft

Google Adsense by Best websoft is an awesome plugin to add Adsense code on your WordPress blog. First, you need to install and activate the plugin. Before adding the code, you need to add Adsense publisher ID to authorize the account and finally make necessary customization changes.

The plugin has the option to show different types of ads including text, image, text and image ads, and link blocks. The plugin also supports the three most popular ads location.

The additional options are also available like Horizontal, Vertical, and square resolutions.  You can find the various options for displaying the ads. You can customize the ad colors from the default color pallets option.

6. Ad Inserter

ad inserter plugin

Ad Inserter is a simple advertisement plugin for WordPress blog. It has 16 different code blocks and customization options. This plugin allows us to display the ads in various locations like below post title and after content or at desired locations. The automatic display option is a very good feature to choose the default location.

Ad Inserter is a simple yet powerful plugin to insert any code into WordPress. To show ads, this is perfect for AdSense and contextual Amazon ads. Simply enter any HTML/Javascript/PHP code and select where and how you want to display it.

7. Adsense integration WP QUADS

adsense integration wp quads

Adsense integration WP QUADS is the most popular plugin to insert the Google AdSense code and other ads into your website. Another name of the plugin is Quick Adsense Reloaded. A quick AdSense plugin is an old name. The old plugin recorded with solid and secure coding.  This plugin has the import option to import total settings and codes from the old Quick Adsense plugin to the WP QUADS plugin.  Quick tags support is very good 100% compatible with this plugin.

Quick AdSense Reloaded is coded well and developed for high performance. You can display the ads’ maximum of 10 ads on a page. This plugin obeys the Google TOS to place up to 3 Google Adsense ads along with other ads. The plugin has multi-language support. The plugin is providing a shortcode system. If you place the shortcode anywhere within your blog to display ads and banner ads.

Personally, I am using this plugin to insert ads to my website and my micro niche sites. This is one of the best Google AdSense WordPress Plugins. I feel very comfortable with this plugin and this is the best WordPress plugin for Google Adsense.

8. Advanced Ads

advanced ads plugin

Advanced ads plugin is the most advanced WordPress ad plugin (WordPress Adsense plugin). The plugin is made by Thomas Maier. He is a freelance WordPress developer and Ad Optimization Specialist.

You can create and manage ads very easily. Ad type selection is very easy with this plugin. It is highly optimized for Google Adsense. This plugin is not only for Adsense, but you can also use other ad networks like Amazon, Chitika, and media ads. There are tons of options available to display ads at your desired location in both posts and pages.

advanced ads plugin ads placing heatmap

The plugin support included with Adsense, Ad injection, Ad planning, Ad widget, and Ad rotation plugins. One of the best WordPress plugin to insert ads on the website.

The special feature of this plugin is, it prevents ad blocks from being removed by AdBlock and co. Simply it prevents ad blockers from breaking sites where plugin scripts are running.

9. AdRotate

adrotate plugin

AdRotate is a very good WordPress Ad plugin for Google Adsense Publishers. This plugin has an excellent feature to test your ads for better performance and better results.

The plugin comes with loads of options. It gives a better user experience with its simple user interface (UI). Just like other above-mentioned plugins it also has support for multiple Ads networks. It supports DFP, AdSense, Chitika, Doubleclick, Media.net, Bling, Amazon, and many similar services. It helps you to show ads from any advertising networks.

The designed with automated Javascript cycles assistance to rotating ads at particular intervals. This is a more popular Google Adsense plugin in WordPress blogs.

10. WP Simple Adsense Insertion

WP Simple Adsense Insertion plugin

WP Simple Adsense Insertion plugin is a simple plugin with a good dashboard interface. It helps you to insert and manage ads in posts, pages, and sidebars.   The ad insertion is possible by placing the shortcode or by using the PHP function.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Can you use Google Adsense on WordPress?

Yes. You can use Google AdSense on WordPress sites. But the content should obey the Adsense terms and conditions.

Is Google adsense Free?

Yes. Google Adsense is free to everyone who is having a good blog with enough content. First, you have to apply to the Google advertising team with your blog URL. They will check and approve the account to display their ads in your WordPress blog.

How to add Google Adsense ads in WordPress without plugins?

Adding Adsense ads in WordPress blog without plugins need some technical skills. If you are a newbie, do not try this method. May be the site code will break. If you are a WordPress experienced blogger, just place the Google auto ads code in the header section of the blog. To add this code, you can go for Appearance u003e Theme Editor u003e Header.php section and paste the Auto ads code at the top of the existed code to do this.


Are you thinking about advertising with AdSense? The above-listed plugins are the best Google Adsense plugin for WordPress? By using the above plugins, you may add Adsense for search unit to earn extra income. This unit gives the extra visibility to your readers to find content from your blog.

You can connect the Google Adsense with Google analytics for more analysis about the ad performance.

I recommend, do not use more plugins to monetize your blog. Pick one plugin from the above list, install -activate the plugin and configure properly and finally place the ads at the desired places of your blog. We can add Google Adsense to WordPress without plugins but it needs some technical knowledge. Start using anyone of the plugin from the above list.

Share your experience with Google Adsense plugins for WordPress blog. If you think that I missed any Google AdSense WordPress Plugins suggest me here by using below commenting system.

best google adsense wordpress plugins

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