Are you searching for the best-managed WordPress hosting for your high traffic blog? If yes, this is the perfect place to choose the best one by reading this WP Engine Review.

For most of us bloggers, If you are in search of a hosting service with maximum security and better webspace, with many added advantages, this article is apt for you. Most of the web hosting services claim to provide the best WordPress hosting service through shared hosting plans. But these do not really comply with maximum security levels as provided by the managed WordPress hosting. 

WP Engine web hosting review
wp engine review 2024 with details and discount

So, let us take a look at the WP engine hosting which complies with great security levels with managed WordPress hosting. In this tutorial, you will see all the important features of the WP engine and why you should choose this web hosting over any other shared hosting. 

What is WP Engine?

The WP engine is the sole provider of managed WordPress hosting to provide the best possible WordPress service which does not include any dedicated servers or VPS hosting plans. 

If you are looking for a hosting service that concentrates on WordPress and security you can choose WP engine as your hosting partner. A premium pack of WordPress teams is the added advantage of purchasing the WP Engine hosting. 

wpengine homepage

About Foundation

The WP engine was founded in 2010. Since then it has been hosting a wide number of websites being hosted on its servers. It was well known for offering a reliable and fast web experience to WordPress users. Since it was launched in 2010 many sorts of people like bloggers, small businesses, large enterprises, and markers have used this web hosting to host their websites. 


The main headquarters of WP engine are located in Texas and Austin. It also has offices in various locations in San Francisco, San Antonio, England and California. 

Data Centers

All the data centre locations of this hosting are based on the Google Cloud servers. The WP engine data centres are located in 10 locations across North America, Europe and Asia. You can choose any of these locations for your web hosting at the time of purchasing the plan. 

WPEngine Promo hosting

What are the Features of WP Engine?

meet digital experiences with WPEngine
meet digital experiences with WP Engine

The WP engine includes many features in all the plans for you. Some of the important features it offers you for free are as follows. 

1. Free Migration

For WordPress users, migration is a bit important thing to be done without losing data. The WP Engine does it for you without being stressed out.

Even though the team does not directly intervene in the migration process, they have created a free Automated migration plugin that comes with hosting, which you can use for migrating your site to the server. 

2. Support

You will get 24/7 WP engine support from the team without any hassle. For the basic plan, you will get chat support 24/7 where they will always be available for you.

From the above plans, you can opt for call support from the team. For plans, Premium 1 and above you will get 24/7 Senior-Level priority support.

3. Billing and Moneyback

The WP Engine is the only hosting service that provides the highest money-back guarantee period in the hosting industry. You can opt for money back within 60 days from the date of ordering the plan.

If you are not satisfied with the service you can call back any time in the first 60 days and your money will be returned. 

4. Automatic backup

Backing up and restoring in the WP engine is very easy to do. You can backup your site in the servers daily which you can restore with a single click.

You can also create snapshots of your website any time and you can restore your site to that version any time in the future. You can also enable automatic backups which will save your site at the time of a crash. 

5. Security

Their security levels are very trustworthy, meeting the requirement of every user. They take care of every security threat at the data centre to the web cloud. Their ultimate aim is to provide the highest security and great WordPress experience to all its customers. 

6. Automatic Updates

One of the important things in WordPress is that you need to update every change every now and then. It is ok to manually update your versions but if you are to maintain multi-sites it is a bit difficult to update every time for all the sites. In such conditions, the WP Engines Automatic Updates will help you the most. 

7. Staging

The staging environment is another most useful feature provided by the hosting. With this feature, you can create a copy of your site, and you can use this copy for any other testing purposes. This will be useful for testing your site with a new theme or a plugin without actually affecting the original website. 

8. Server performance

Web Server performance is the most important thing one should consider before choosing a hosting. The WP Engine has the best uptime when compared to any other hosting service. The maximum response time is noted as 149ms which is way better than any other hosting. You can check this article How Site Speed Affects Your Business?

WP Engine Hosting Plans and Types

The WP Engine mainly has 6 different types of plans for different customers. It is based on the bandwidth requirement and the number of hosted websites.

All the plans in the WP engine will be included with the Genesis framework and 35+ Studiopress themes for free. Even if you choose any plan in the WP engine, you will get 24 by 7 chat support from well-trained employees.

What does WordPress cost? You will also get many additional features based on the plan you choose all included for free. It is not cheap hosting.

The pricing of the hosting is little high but its service and servers are highly optimized. The plans of WP Engine are as follows:

wp engine pricing for small and medium businesses
wp engine pricing for small and medium businesses

A. StartUp Plan

The startup plan is the basic plan of WP Engine. This plan is perfect for you if you want to start a small website or a blog. The plan starts at a price of $30/mo. In this plan, you will also receive a 60 days money-back guarantee, which means that you can get your money back if in case you did not like the service.  This plan will give you local storage of 10GB in WP Engine servers along with a 50GB bandwidth per month. You can get monthly visitors of up to 25,000 to your site hosted in the StartUp plan in WP Engine. 

B. Growth Plan

The next plan in the WP Engine is the Growth Plan. This plan starts at a price of $115 per month. This is mostly chosen by small business owners and multiple site bloggers. If you are looking for a plan to host all your websites in one hosting and yet to receive a decent no of visits to all your sites, the growth plan is the perfect choice for you. In the Growth plan you can host up to 10 sites and you can get visitors up to 100,000 per month. You will also get local storage of up to 20GB and a bandwidth of up to 200GB in this plan.  From the growth plan and above you will also get 24/7 phone support and imported SSL certificates.

C. Scale Plan

The Scale plan is the next better plan in the WP Engine web hosting. The starting price of the Scale plan is $290 per month. In this plan, you can host up to 30 websites and you can get monthly visitors of up to 400,000 per month. The local storage you will get in this Scale plan is up to 50GB and a bandwidth of 500GB per month. This plan is perfect for those who maintain multiple websites and also small business owners. If you are looking for a plan to host your popular websites with getting better traffic, you can choose the Scale plan to host your websites. The Geo-targeting feature starts from the scale plan and above. 

Other Plans


The Premium plan is for high-value sites with more number of visits. This plan will handle monthly traffic of up to 700,000 visitors on average per month. The local storage you will get is 100GB and a 1000GB bandwidth per month. You can host up to 50 sites in this plan. 

The wp engine pricing of the premium plan starts at $400 per month. 

The premium plan of WP engine is especially for you if you want to host multiple websites which get more traffic. By opting this plan you will get a 24 by 7 support along with the white-glove onboarding and launching readiness assessment.

Get Started

Premium 1

The premium 1 plan of the WP Engine is for those websites which get higher traffic.

You can also choose this plan if you want to host a large number of websites. This plan starts at a price of $600 per month.

On average you can get 1 million visits per month in this plan.

You will get 100GB of local storage in the WP engine servers along with 1000GB bandwidth per month.

You can host up to a hundred sides in this premium 1 plan.

Get Started

Premium 1.5

The premium 1.5 is the highest plan in the WP engine hosting services. The starting price of the premium 1.5 plan is $900 per month.

In this plan, you can host up to 115 websites and you will get local storage up to 100 GB on the servers.

Your websites can get monthly visitors of up to 1.5 million in this plan. You will get a bandwidth of a thousand GB per month. 

Get Started

Need more…

The above-shown plans are efficiently enough for your websites to be hosted in the WP engine. But if you want to host more number of sides and get more data and bandwidth for your plan, you can code for the customizable plan in the WP engine. Customizable plan you can code for a dedicated environment with architecture isolation and managed security along with application performance monitoring and premium support for critical sites. 

Get Started

Speciality in WP Engine Hosting and its offer

What about cPanel?

The WP Engine does not provide a cPanel for users. It is because they only provide managed WordPress hosting.

Instead of a standard cPanel, they provide an interface to access all the features.

The control interface is easy to understand with all the links on the left side of the page. 

Monthly Resource Limits

The monthly resource limit is based on the plan you choose. In my experience, the wp engine does not limit the number shown for visitors limit for each plan.

As the servers are hosted on the cloud they have resources to handle traffic above the limit. For the basic plan, you can get a monthly visitor of 25,000 and the above plans will give you more than 100,000 visitors per month. 

WP Engine Alternatives

The WPEngine is best in any concern. Yet if you are searching for the alternate you can opt the hosting services like 

1. A2 Hosting

A2Hosting is another great hosting provider at affordable prices. And it is the best WPEngine alternative. Started in 2001 with simple servers but its growth is very good within a few years because of its blazing speed servers with 20X faster page loading features. This is very good for newbies to entrepreneurs to set up their personal blogs to eCommerce blogs.

A2 Hosting Drive plan from Shared hosting is the most popular. In this plan, you can run multiple WordPress sites with 247/365 customer support. Great uptime with unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, free Cloudflare CDN and Unlimited email accounts setup.

The pricing starts from $4.99 per month on shared hosting.


This is another fantastic and 20X turbo speed web hosting. Grab this hosting and get 60% great discount

2. WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting another fastest managed WordPress hosting provider. It comes with outstanding speedy CDN features. This another fastest and best alternative hosting to WP Engine. It comes with 99.95% uptime, free site optimization and free blog migrations services with advanced malware scanning features for every customer. If your blog is getting thousands of visits, WPX Hosting is the perfect choice to host your site after WP Engine. 

The pricing starts from $24.99 per month. There are three plans.

  • Business – you can host 5 sites – $24.99 per month
  • Professional – You can host up to 15 websites  – $49.99/Month
  • Elite – You can host up to 35 sites   – $99 per month

WPX Hosting

This is a great hosting to improve better SEO and fast loading feature

3. FlyWheel

The flywheel is another exclusively managed WordPress hosting. It is another fast-growing web hosting with experienced designers, and developers. WordPress.orf officially endorsed this hosting to give a better experience for WordPress users. 

The flywheel is built on a robust network infrastructure optimized for speed, scale and security.  It is providing all the common features like unlimited bandwidth, websites, free CDN and SSL certificate including 4/7 support. The best part of this hosting is pricing and support. 

The pricing of flywheel starts from $15 per month. For a single wordpress site with 5 GB disk space.

Flywheel Hosting

Best Managed WordPress hosting built for designers and creative agencies.

4. LiquidWeb

Liquidweb hosting is one of the best outstanding customer service web hosting provider with excellent dedicated and VPS hosting plans. It is a managed WordPress hosting provider.

The LiquidWeb is not providing any shared hosting plans for newbies, which is a premium web hosting for professional users. Of course, this is the costliest hosting provider.

The pricing of LiquidWeb starts from $59 per month.


Best managed WordPress web hosting solution for critical sites and apps

5. Kinsta

Kinsta is another perfect managed wordpress hosting provider for huge traffic websites. This is the best alternative to WP Engine.

It is using the Google platform to power up the site’s consistent performance with the best infrastructure. 

The best part of this hsoting their server architecture. It runs with Nginx, PHP 7.4, LXD software containers, MariaDB, and PC optimized Virtual machines with hisgh security featues.

The pricing of the Kinsta hosting starts from $30 per month.

Kinsta Hosting

Top-rated supportive and better performance web hosting

How to grab the WP Engine Hosting?

After reading this WP Engine review 2022, you can take the advantage with this hosting like 3 months free hosting and free access to all studiopress wordpress themes to use in your blog. To grab the WPEngine Hosting you can follow these steps:

Step1️⃣ : Click on the button below to access the homepage of WPEngine. Discount is added to the plans by default. Hit on the GET Started button and pick the suitable plan as per your needs. 

Click and Claim 3 Months Free hosting

The choice of the plan depends on the number of visits per month. If your site is getting 25,000 per month, You can go with a Startup plan. If the traffic is 1 lakh or 4 lakhs per month go with the Growth plan or Scale plan.

For more than that visit, WPEngine offers the choice of choosing Custom pricing as per the traffic.

😍 Note: You will get a 10% discount on each plan and 3 months of Free hosting. The discount is added in the given link. You can click and get the plan and save more. ✔ Use code: WPE3FREE

Step2️⃣: Choose the plan you want and click on the “Get Started”. You will be redirected to the Checkout page

managed WPengine hosting plans

Note: here you will get 3 months of free hosting if you buy the annual plan by providing an email to receive the WP Engine coupon code.

checkout page of WPEngine with discount
checkout page of WPEngine with discount

Step 3️⃣: Fill in the details like Account info, and Billing info on this page and tick the agreement option. Then hit the PURCHASE option.  

account info wpengine signup with discount

Step 4️⃣: You will be redirected to the payment gateway. Pay the amount and checkout the process. And you will get a confirmation mail for the payment. 

Now that you have purchased your WP Engine hosting, you can add your sites to the server. 

Pros and Cons of WPEngine

Let us sum up the WPEngine Review with Pros and cons of their hosting provider.


  • The servers are perfectly optimized for the wordpress users.
  • It makes very easy to manage your website
  • Great performance, fast loading and advanced security features added
    Dedicated supportive team is available around the clock


  • Pricing is not suitable for newbies
  • It offers managed hosting plans on shared servers and dedicated servers on the custom plans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is WPEngine used for?

    WPEngine is one of the old web hosting providers with well-optimized managed WordPress hosting. It is highly recommended hosting for WordPress CMS users and it is an official WordPress company recommended hosting. It is a perfect choice for business owners to secure their website data with advanced features. 

  2. Is WP Engine good?

    WP Engine is highly optimized for WordPress users. It gives high-quality hosts with great uptime, security, regular backup, real-time threat detection, cloud platform flexibility and many more features.

  3. What does WP Engine do?

    It is a leading WordPress digital experience platform, which helps us to create remarkable sites and apps to move the business forward.

  4. Is WP Engine free?

    Basically, the WPEngine is offering 3 months free WordPress hosting for those who sign up for one-year plans. If it is not offering any free hosting space to test the servers. If you are planning to test the servers, you can take the monthly subscription from any of the hosting plans.

Final Words on WP Engine Review

The WPEngine is the best one among the other hosting providers. No other hosting can be compared worthy with this winner. We recommend you to use this hosting if you are not a newbie, and you are in desperate need of the resources. The entire WP engine review started writing after keen observation on my other blog hosted in the WP engine.

Even though the prices are a bit high, every penny is worth the resources provided by the hosting. You should only consider using WPEngine only if you require Growth and scale plans. The StartUp plan is a bit small for any sort of customer. 

WP Engine Review 2022

Satish Ithamsetty

Ease of Use
Speed & Security

Final Verdicts

WPEngine is one of the best WordPress web hosting company for 10 years. This is a fantastic option to move your high traffic blog into the next level. It clears all SEO issues to page loading issues. Grab this hosting and get access to all StudioPress themes access to install in your blog free of cost. (Worth $1100)


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