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HostArmada is a self-managed hosting company that offers you the opportunity to host your website for free. They offer 75% great discounts on Cloud SSD Shared hosting plans. Grab the offer before expiring it.

Looking for a reliable web host for your WordPress site? If so, HostArmada is your best choice due to its affordability and reliability. HostArmada is a web host that offers many discounts on its Cloud SSD Shared hosting plans. Read this HostArmada Review 2024 before choosing HostArmada.

If you are new to blogging, you need a perfect web hosting provider to host your website. HostArmada is a perfect choice for beginners because it is affordable, has additional features, and is fit for beginners. Here HostArmada is my biggest recommendation for a tension-free journey.

So, this HostArmada Review 2024 will help you understand the hosting features and decide whether it is right for you.

Let’s get started

Why HostArmada?

HostingArmada is an affordable WordPress web host with an SSD-based Cloud platform. The cheapest option offers fast, reliable, and convenient functionality. You will get detailed information about the host functionality and performance evaluations so that you can make the best decision for your company. You can look up an informational report on the price for a quick update. 

HostArmada is an independent organization that began operations in 2019 in nine data centers around the world.

The following list contains all the data centers of HostArmada.

  • Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Bangalore, India
  • Singapore
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Newark, New Jersey, USA
  • Toronto, Ontario, CA
  • Fremont, California, USA

Features of HostArmada hosting

  • It provides free SSL for all sites
  • Free domain name for one year
  • Performing daily backups
  • Offers cloud-based SSD storage
  • An unmetered bandwidth
  • Emails and databases are unlimited
  • Migration of your website is free
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • 1-click WordPress install
  • An easy-to-use drag-and-drop site builder
  • Website caching
  • Free Malware Scan and removal tool
  • Excellent firewall support
  • There is a 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 99.9% uptime is guaranteed

HostArmada Review 2024

HostArmada is a web hosting service that offers its customers a wide range of services. It offers shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers, among other things.

It also provides a variety of features such as a control panel, a website builder (Free site builder), and a one-click installer. HostArmada has been in business since 2014 and is based in Los Angeles, California. It is a privately held company. HostArmada’s services are available to customers worldwide. Its customer base is growing rapidly, and it currently has over 100,000 customers.

HostArmada is a reliable and affordable web hosting service that offers a wide range of features and services. It is a great choice for businesses and individuals who are looking for a quality web hosting provider.

How to start a blog with HostArmada?

Are you frustrated with your current web host? It’s time to move to a new host that should be reliable and affordable with good features. Here is a simple tutorial on starting with new web hosting by landing your current blog or new blog on HostArmada within a few minutes.

Let us move to grab this discount by following the step by steps.

Note: HostArmada is offering a 75% discount on their regular hosting plans. If you are a newbie, You can try the Shared and WordPress Plan to get maximum discounts to start.

Step 1: Go to the Offer Page

First, you need to click this link here. Then you will land on the HostArmada web hosting official page.

Step 2: Choose the shared hosting Plan

hostarmada homepage and plans

A shared hosting plan is best for newbies. It offers 75% off on selected plans. Promo codes are not necessary, and they will be added automatically. If necessary add this code BLOGGINGDEN75 for a 75% discount.

Step 3: Add the domain

On the domain selection page, select one of the options to select your domain as the root domain.


Afterward, it confirms that the page is for your domain.

CONGRATULATIONS TO use existing domain

Step 4: Pick the plan

Scroll down to see the three shared hosting plans mentioned above. Choose one. I recommend a SPEED REAPER plan for 36 months to save more money. Click on the Select Plan button. In the snapshot, I took the Star Dock as an example.

Step 5: Check the Product configuration

You will now see the Product configuration page. You must complete three steps on this page.

product configuration
  • Choose the bill: First, you have to check whether the chosen bill is correct or not.
  • Choose DataCenter: Choose a data center based on the location and where the most visitors will be.
  • Select Addon Booster: Do not choose anything from this section.

Finally, You can choose the billing, data center, and add-on boosters. Then you have to provide your personal information and payment information and finally click on the Place order button.

After this you’ll have to decide on the billing cycle (an annual, a biennial, or a triennial one), the location of your data center (all nine are available), and think about including a few add-ons.

Step 6: Add your details

You have to enter your personal information and payment information on this Checkout page.

  • Providing personal information: You can enter your name, phone number, email address, and address information. 
  • Payment details: There are two ways in which you can pay for your purchases, which are credit card and PayPal.

On this page, click on the complete order button once you enter your details.

Step 7: Check Order Summary

The next page will be the Order summary page after completing the order. After completing your order, click the Order Summary button to move to the next step.

HOSTARMADA Discount code - checkout

Step 8: Finish the process

After authenticating your payment process, you will receive account details, click the confirmation link, create a password, and access your account. Once logged into your HostArmada hosting account, you can create a password or change it.

Once you have logged in to your hosting account, you will see this interface.

HostArmada User Interface

Once you finish the password setup, you will go to the HostArmada client dashboard.

You can manage everything from the billing cycle to Cpanel access from this dashboard.

hostarmada account dashboard

Once you click on the My Services section, you will get complete access to the root domain, cPanel, email account, manage services, and upgrade plan from a single place. The dashboard is simple and user-friendly.

speed reaper plan active

You can manage everything, including email account creation, file manager access, addon domains, and databases, once you find the Cpanel quick access.

What is the performance and speed of HostArmada?

A few days back, I migrated this blog to HostArmada and did speed tests with Google PageSpeed insights, Bitcatcha, Gtmetrix, and Pingdom.

We did small tests after configuring the blog to get some idea about their hosting performance.

Here are the Google PageSpeed insights results.

google page speed insights

The performance results of the Desktop version are 94 out of 100.

Here are the GTmetrix results.

GTmetrix results

According to GTmetrix grading, the site is showing an A-Grade with a score of 97 (out of 100) and a Structure score is 80%.

Here are the Uptrends results.

uptrends results

The final image represents the Pingdom score. For a quick speed test, we used Pingdom on a test site hosted on HostArmada. As you can see even with a heavy size of 3.6 MB and with 56 requests we get an outstanding 2.37s load time. 

pingdom tests

Why is HostArmada Hosting a Good Choice?

There are hundreds of Web hosting providers. But hostArmada is different. Why? Here are the 5 top reasons.

1. Loading websites more quickly

Website loading time is crucial in ranking your website in search engines. When your website loads fast, your visitors will also be happy. Google uses the speed of a website as one of its ranking factors, so having your website hosted on hostArmada will help improve its search engine ranking.

Brian Dean, Founder of Backlinko, proved that Google is prioritizing fast-loading websites. It proves that a successful website needs the fastest website hosting.

As per the analysis, a successful website needs the fastest website hosting. Here HostArmada gives the perfect results every time by improving overall site loading times. 

How does the HostArmada give better loadings? The web hosting is designed with a special technology that serves fast-loading pages. Cloud SSD drives, Memcached cache, Brotli compression, and Cloudflare CDN help you to make web loading faster than normal HDD drives.

  • Using cloud SSD drives helps to make 300 times faster loading than normal HDD drives.
  •  LiteSpeed cache
  •  Memcached cache: You can activate the cache system from the cPanel. 
  •  Free Cloudflare CDN: It improves the user experience across the world.
  •  Brotli Compression: It helps compress your files and improves page loading times.
  •  LiteSpeed Servers: The web servers are designed with high-speed web servers instead of NGINX and Apache.

2. Clients per server are fewer

Most bloggers and small business owners choose shared hosting plans to host or launch their sites because of their affordability. 

But on regular shared hosting, the providers will share the same server with more clients to host. Because of the number of sharing the same servers, the usage of server resources will increase. Finally, it impacts the page-loading time of your website. 

HostArmada is a better option than other top-rated hosting providers because its shared hosting plans are limited and it gets better resources, performance, and low server load. In simple, fewer people are using the same server. 

With the hostArmada, you will get better resources like CPU, speed, performance, and low server load. As a result, you will have 99.9% uptime with increased speed.

3. A free website migration service

Are you unhappy with your current web hosting provider? Are you planning to change your hosting? You can get a great free website migration service from HostArmada. 

HostArmada offers free website migration (transferring a website), a free domain, a free SSL certificate, and a free scan for viruses and malware. When you provide the details, they will begin migrating everything, from files, folders, databases, and emails to their servers for free. 

With HostArmada, you receive a free domain, and it is automatically renewed every year as long as you remain a customer of HostArmada. 

4. Great Website Security

Every day thousands of WordPress websites are hacked by hackers, so your site may appear in the search engines in another language. HostArmada’s AI-based security technologies help your site from the most dangerous web attacks. 

HostArmada’s AI-based security technologies help your website from the most dangerous web attacks. 

As a result, extra security is required to protect your site from hackers for new sites. 

HostArmada has very good security features to protect all the sites that are hosted on their servers in these situations. 

Here are a few security features offered by Hostarmada web hosting. The Connection Limit protects against DoS attacks, the Web Application Solution gives extra protection from threats like XSS attacks, and the proactive zero-day attack detention system.

  • “Connection limit” protects against DoS attacks. It allows a maximum number of requests from a single IP address per second.
  • It comes with a highly advanced Web Application Solution (WAF), which gives extra protection from threats like XSS attacks or SQL injection. 
  • Protects your website from DDoS attacks.
  • Frequent malware scanning, live security monitoring, intrusion detection, and a proactive zero-day attack detention system are running every day.

HostArmada also offers a Web Server Security Fleet and an Environment Security Fleet.

  • The Web Server Security Fleet surveils the web traffic on every shared web hosting server to identify and deny incoming attacks. For this cause, they implement features such as connection level limits, Requests Checking Service, Web Application Firewall, Static Files Checking, or DDoS Protection Service.
  • The Environment Security Fleet features Live Security Events Monitoring, Advanced Network Firewall and WAF, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System, Malware Scanning, Proactive

5. Customer Support

If you have any technical issues on your site, the technical team is ready to help you around the clock. The response time is very good. When I open the Live chat section to contact the supportive team, they respond within seconds. 

When I contact the top-rated world-class web hosting companies, their support teams respond within 20 to 40 minutes. I contact HostArmada and the response time is less than 15 seconds.

The team is technically very good, dedicated, and knowledgeable, and solves the issues within 30 minutes. 

HostArmada provides five different support services to its customers. They are

  • Web support service
  • Domain support service
  • Email Support
  • SSH Support
  • SSL Support
  • cPanel Assistance

You can contact the team anytime by using their contact systems like Live chat, Support ticket, Email, and Phone.

HostArmada specializes in website optimization. The company really takes this to an entirely different level. Optimization is conducted for each customer’s site(s) to ensure they operate at peak performance. 

6. Offers many freebies!

Along with the above additional services, it offers useful Freebies. Hostarmada provides many freebies like free SSL certificates. Google gives more priority to sites that are HTTPS enabled.

i. Free SSL certificate

The SSL is a mandatory element to secure your website from attacks. It creates a secure connection between the browser and the server. Google gives more priority to sites that are HTTPS enabled.

Hostarmada provides free SSL certificates for all of your domains hosted on their servers. It means that they give you an unlimited number of SSL certificates that you can use to change all of your sites from HTTP to HTTPS by setting up a secure encrypted connection.

You can install this feature from the cPanel of your hosting account, or you can take the help of their service team. They will install SSL certificates free of cost. 

ii. Free regular backups

Most of the time, regular website backup is the typical process. But it is a very important process.

If you are technically good, you can take the Backup by using Backup and restoring WordPress plugins to help. But it needs some time and consumes more resources from your account. 

Webhosting providers charge for enabling the normal backup process. But hostArmada provides free regular backups to their customers. But hostArmada enabled an automated cPanel backup service by default. So you can restore the data anytime if you lose the data accidentally.

iii. Free domain registration

HostArmada is offering free registration and transfer of domain names, free private DNS, and free private DNS hosting. It does not charge for the registration of domain names. As long as you remain a customer, you don’t have to pay money to register a new domain name. 

Your domains can also be freely transferred from your previous provider.

iv: Free private DNS

The HostArmada offers a free private DNS service that lets you replace the nameservers on your servers. 

v. Free Malware Scanning

HostArmada periodically scans your website for vulnerabilities and automatically patches them. This is a feature that other web hosts like Godaddy and SiteGround offer as a paid service. So once again, it’s impressive that they do this for free.

HostArmada Pricing Plans

HostArmada is offering five different hosting plans with affordable pricing.  They are

  1. Cloud Shared hosting
  2. Cloud WordPress hosting
  3. Cloud Reseller hosting
  4. Cloud VPS hosting
  5. Dedicated CPU server hosting

HostArmada offers a managed cloud hosting service for $2.99 per month. It offers a single Website, 2 Cores CPU, 2 GB RAM, Free domain registration, and 7 daily backups.

Cloud Shared hosting

You can choose from three different shared web hosting plans. Those are Star Dock and Web Wrap, which are NGINX-based, and Speed Reaper, which is LiteSpeed-powered. All three plans have their own set of features. Clients can upscale as their site and company expand without breaking their budget. 

It offers the three best plans with reasonable prices on its managed cloud SSD shared hosting. They are

1. Start Dock

This is the cheapest web hosting plan from HostArmada, and it costs you $2.99 per month. Let us see the plan’s limitations and features.

  • You can install a single Website.
  • 15 GB Cloud SSD Storage (disk space)
  • 2 Cores CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • FREE domain registration or transfer
  • Suitable for the site is getting ~30,000 unique visitors.
  • Regular database backup
  • Malware Scan
  • Malware Removal
  • WAF & IP Firewall

Enjoy 75% OFF on the hosting service (Coupon code: BLOGGINGDEN75)

2. Web Warp

If you have more than one website, you can choose this plan. It costs $4.49 per month for 36 months. It is a suitable plan for the site is getting nearly 60,000 unique visitors. You can host unlimited websites, and you get the following features: 14 daily backups, free malware scan and removal, and a one-click restore manager.

The plan has the following features.

  • You can host unlimited websites
  • 30 GB Cloud SSD storage (disk space)
  • 4Cores CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 14 daily backups
  • Free website migration
  • Free Malware Scan and removal
  • 2X CPU and RAM
  • 1-Click Restore Manager

Enjoy 75% OFF on the hosting service (Coupon code: BLOGGINGDEN75)

C. Speed Reaper

This is the best plan to improve the loading speed of your website. LiteSpeed servers power this plan. It starts from $5.99 per month, and it costs you $5.39 per month for 36 months. It has the following features.

  • You can host Unlimited Websites
  • 40 GB Cloud SSD Storage
  • 6 Cores CPU
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 21 Daily Backups
  • Malware Scan and Removal
  • WAF & IP Firewall
  • Warp Features
  • Speed Reaper Features
  • Dynamic Caching
  • 3x More CPU and RAM
  • 3x Fewer clients per server
  • LiteSpeed Webserver
  • Dynamic Caching

Enjoy 75% OFF on the hosting service (Coupon code: BLOGGINGDEN75)

You can choose any of the plans for your new blog. When your site is getting a lot of good traffic from different places, you can move up to a better plan. You can do this by visiting their “Upgrade Center” from your Client Area dashboard and picking the plan that best fits your website needs. 

My recommendation is to skip the first two hosting packages and try out the Speed Reaper as it is the only one of the three that is on a Litespeed server. Plus when you sign up at the introductory rate, you can lock it in for up to three years (which is what I did). Under $100 36 months of great hosting is an amazing value.

You can contact the support team whenever you need more assistance. So this is the right time to switch hosting. 

Pros & Cons of HostArmada

Every web hosting has different pros and cons. Let us check the pros and cons of HostArmada.

Pros of HostArmada

  • HostArmada’s exceptional customer service, with knowledgeable support staff and quick response times.
  • Their hosting plans are affordable and offer many features, including free SSL certificates and daily backups.
  • HostArmada’s cPanel interface is user-friendly, making it easy for users to manage their websites.
  • They offer a 45-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to try their service risk-free.

Cons of HostArmada Web Hosting:

  • The navigation of their website can be confusing at times, making it difficult for users to find the information they need.
  • Their uptime guarantee is less strong than some other hosting providers, which may concern websites with high traffic.
  • Some users have reported slow website loading speeds.

HostArmada is a good option for those looking for affordable hosting plans with various features. However, users should be aware of the potential downsides, including the navigation of their website and slower loading speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Hostarmada reliable?

Hostarmada is a reliable web hosting provider with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. They use SSD storage, Cloudflare CDN, and other advanced technologies to ensure fast and reliable website performance.

What kind of customer support does Hostarmada offer?

Hostarmada offers 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone, and email. They also have a knowledge base and support center with articles and tutorials on various topics.

Does Hostarmada offer website migration services?

Hostarmada offers free website migration services for new customers transferring their websites from another hosting provider.

What is the refund policy of Hostarmada?

Hostarmada offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for their hosting plans. If you are not satisfied with their services, you can request a refund within the first 30 days of signing up.

How can I contact the HostArmada Technical Support Team?

HostArmada’s Technical Support Team is available 24/7 with friendly, knowledgeable staff. You can reach them by phone or by email.

What others are reading?

Final Words on HostArmada Review

Hostarmada offers a stellar free domain, website migration, backups, SSD storage, and free domain. The review helps you choose the best web hosting service for better website performance.

Do not think more about it. Hostarmada Hosting is the best option for building a new site or migrating an existing one. 

In conclusion, HostArmada is a reliable and affordable web hosting provider with many features and excellent customer service.

While their website navigation can be confusing, and their uptime guarantee is not as strong as some competitors, their affordability and range of plans make them a good option for small businesses and individuals looking for hosting solutions.

With a 45-day money-back guarantee and user-friendly cPanel interface, HostArmada is worth considering for your web hosting needs. Share this HostArmada Review 2024 with your friends on social media. Your support is more precious.

HostArmada Review 2024
HostArmada Review

Hostarmada is a website hosting provider that offers speed, security, and performance. You can host your websites at the highest quality and uptime with Hostarmada’s excellent service. Hostarmada offers speed, security, and performance, and has a great team of professionals to assist you whenever needed. You can grab this hosting with a 75% great discount now.

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