A decade ago, all you required for starting your own website was a nice domain name and you would end up impacting your SEO rankings.

The only thing that companies had to do was to choose an appropriate domain name and use it as the keyword and their rankings would be enhanced on the Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP).

What is the Impact of Domain Name in SEO?

With time everything changes and SEO is not an exception. Currently, it is just not enough to have a really good domain name for boosting your SERP rankings.

Google has ended up complicating everything by focusing chiefly on content and taking the domain name and SEO rankings issue to a whole new level.

Even though too much importance is placed on website optimization, it is very much reliant on a broad spectrum of factors.

It is essential to have an influential and robust domain name so that it helps in bringing in more leads and links and make your brand more trustworthy.

1. Domain Name Must Be Memorable and Short:

While choosing a name for a domain, you must focus on something that would be representative of your brand and be precise and short.

Remember that you may use EMD or keyword as your domain name, but it would not assist in boosting your ranking as much as you expect. It would become even more difficult for everyone to remember it.

In this context, you must realize that the most common mistake would be to concentrate solely on your domain name and ways it could assist your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Instead, you must consider including the human factor as web users would be reading it eventually.

2. Choose the Suitable Extension:

Pick a perfect domain name to start a Blog

Most of the visitors would be thinking that as you are the owner of the company, your web name is actually having the .com extension at its end.

Moreover, .com is supposed to be the most popular and frequently used extension among the owners of websites that account for almost 75 percent of all the websites.

You may also use a specific extension such as your geographical location because it could assist you in reaching a much wider and targeted audience as Google has enhanced its local search.

In the event, you are indecisive about which extension is the right choice for your domain.

3. Recognize the Chance & Go for It:

If there is any opportunity for the keyword to be a perfect match for your specific domain name, you must never miss the chance.

Even though, you must have realized that the marketing scenario is pretty complicated, in case your domain name actually states what your precise business is, it is then bound to be perfect.

For instance, if you are selling silk scarves, the name silkscarves.com would be definitely getting a much higher ranking than accessories.com.

Use the Long Tail Pro tool to get awesome domain names with suitable keywords.

4. Branding Your Domain Helps Promote Your Business

If you use the precise name of your brand as a domain name, it would help promote and build your business and establish your business authority online. You could be concentrating more on content and then allocate keywords as required. On search engines and even on social media, users would be identifying exactly where the links are taking them depending on your domain name. Branding your domain would be making it relatively simpler for people to find and identify you and connect or correlate the product essentially to your company.


The web name could be regarded as an outdated method when compared to advanced and novel marketing techniques, but it is still effective in terms of SEO.

Choose a short simple domain name and promote your business.

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