Are you looking for the best KWFinder alternatives in 2022? If yes, you are in the right place to know these KWFinder competitor sites.

Choosing of perfect SEO tool is very hard these days. Because hundreds of internet marketing tools are available on the internet. But every tool has shown its uniqueness in its functions.

Every blogger, content writer, and online marketer should have access to keyword research tools and content optimization tools. They help to find profitable keywords and to make SEO-friendly content. But sometimes, finding better keywords are very hard unless you have perfect keyword research tools.

Of course, the primary objective of keyword research is to find keywords that you can rank for in the SERPs. If you are looking for a keyword app where you can find keywords helps you to rank high on search engines, YouTube, App Store, and Amazon.

So getting experience with these tools will take some time. Most of these SEO tools do not fit your needs to some extent.

best kwfinder Alternatives and KWFinder competitors 2021
best kwfinder Alternatives and KWFinder competitors 2022

Here is my strong choice is KWFinder. It is one of the tools in the Mangools software kit. I am using their services for a long time.

KWFinder is an awesome tool to find easy to rank keywords for beginners but is not the ultimate keyword tool. It helps you to find high-volume longtail keywords with low SEO competition.

After using it, I have observed very good growth in my site’s organic traffic and conversions. After a few working tweaks, I decided to move my site to the next level. Finally, I started searching for the best KWFinder alternatives. I found very good SEO tools.

So I decided to discuss the best alternatives to KWFinder. Before discussing those tools, you need to know the details of KWFinder. Why I am using this tool?

Let us know the details…

What is KWFinder?

KWFinder is an excellent freemium Keyword Research tool to find and get hundreds of long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty and high search volumes.

The KWfinder tool is designed with a user-friendly interface with great metrics. The metrics are very helpful to improve your SEO efforts.

This is one of the tools in Mangools package. This package consists of 5 different SEO tools.

  • SERP checker: SERP checker is a Google SERP competitor analysis tool providing 45+ SEO metrics.
  • KWFinder: Best Keyword Research Tool to pick great Keywords.
  • SERPWatcher: SERPWatcher is a rank tracking tool built with a focus on effectiveness and ease of use.
  • Link Miner: Link Miner is an easy-to-use backlink checker tool focusing on backlinks that matter.
  • Site Profiler: It helps you to know the SEO metrics and insights of your site or competitor’s site.

The KWFinder is a freemium tool that offers both Free and premium versions by mangools tools. You can use this tool to find better keywords in any niche.

The mangools are giving the premium access as 10 days free trial with 5 searchers per 24 hours, 25 related keywords, and 10 competitor keywords for every single search. You can check my KWFinder Review for more details.

What are the features of KWFinder?

The KWFinder comes with plenty of feature which is helpful to find great profitable keywords. They are

  • You can perform and find long tail keyword research with advanced features
  • You can find and filter the highly competitive and low competitive keywords within a few seconds.
  • Great and attractive interface for keyword SERP analysis and SEO Metrics
  • Integrated Google autocomplete feature to get trending keywords
  • To know the Keyword difficulty score

Pros and Cons of KWFinder


  • It has simple and super-fast UI interface
  • Easy to understand the results page
  • great Auto Suggestion Keywords with Smart SERP Tracking
  • It has a very good keyword analysis feature by using its strong data aggregation
  • It comes with Multiple research options for a specific keyword
  • Fast Support with clear solutions
  • It offers additional tools like a free Browser extension


  • Keyword difficulty is sometimes fluctuating
  • Limited usage according to the plans and pricing, i.e., not suitable for heavy users
  • Limited keywords export. You cannot export all the keywords once
  • Not suitable for competitor research

Pricing of KWFinder

The pricing of KWFinder is affordable and flexible. If you buy any plan from the Mangools plan, you will get access to use all 4 tools.





Mangools Basics

  • 100 keyword lookus/24 hours

  • 200 daily keywords tracking

  • 200 competitor keywords / search


Per Month

Mangools Premium

  • 500 keyword lookus/24 hours

  • 700 daily keywords tracking

  • Unlimited competitor keywords / search


Per Month

Mangools Agency

  • 1200 keyword lookus/24 hours

  • 1500 daily keywords tracking

  • Unlimited competitor keywords / search


Per Month

Why do you need KWFinder alternatives?

Choosing KWFiner alternative is a very good decision if you belong to the given reasons.

  • The KWFinder prices are very simple and ideal for every new blogger or SEO agency. But if you need more information about the keyword search volume, difficulty, and historical data then go for the alternative
  • KWFinder is not allowed to save your projects for future reference
  • The shown number of keyword searches in the result pages are very low.

Because of these reasons, most of the advanced SEOs and bloggers are looking for the best KWFinder alternatives. I try these tools and lists here with details.

Best KWFinder Alternatives in 2022

Let us discuss the alternatives to kwfinder tools in 2022.


enter competitor url in semrush
SEMRUSH – Best keyword research tools 2022

SEMRUSH is a great alternative to KWFinder. This is the first choice for every SEO expert and content writer because it comes with very good and advanced features to do keyword research. The magic keyword tool is a more updated feature to perform keyword processing for better conversions.

SEMRush is a better choice for SEO, paid traffic analysis, social media analysis, and content analysis. It offers more than 40 different tools with unique features and helps you to find the best solution to your digital marketing challenges.

Features of SEMRush

  • Keyword magic tool: The keyword magic tool is included in the semrush package, which lets you search for long tail keywords.
  • On-Page SEO checker: On-page SEO checker is another excellent tool you can use to check your old content’s SEO. Once you enter your post URL, the Semrush tool suggests to you the optimization ideas based on your competitors’ rankings.
  • Keyword Gap: This is the most updated feature in semrush. It helps you to compare keyword profiles of up to five competitors.
  • Keyword Manager: It helps you to collect your favorite keywords and get fresh metrics. You can export the keywords list into an XLSX or CSV file.
  • Keyword Difficulty: SEMrush helps find keywords with less competition and estimates the difficulty of keyword data.

Pricing of SEMRUSH

The Pricing plans of SEMRUSH Pro start from $99 per month. You can try this SEO tool now. Grab this 14-day free trial. Make sure to provide your email, password, and billing details to grab SEMRUSH pro for free.


For freelancers, startups and in-house marketers with limited budget

1. Know your competitors’ traffic sources, rankings, social media results & more.

2. Run your SEO, PPC and SMM projects with 40+ advanced tools.

$99.95 per month


For SMB and growing marketing agencies. All the Pro features plus: 

  • Historical Data

  • Content Marketing Platform 

  • Extended limits

$199.95 per month


For agencies, E-commerce projects and businesses with extensive web presence

All the Guru features plus:

  • API access

  • Extended limits and sharing options

  • Google Data Studio Integration

$399.95per month

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ahrefs trial
Ahrefs – KWFinder alternative

AHREFs is another best alternative to KWFinder for Keyword research to marketing analysis. If you are struggling for low organic traffic and online presence for your site, AHrefs is a perfect choice.

It provides more accurate keywords and backlink database. It has more than 2000 servers worldwide with over 10.2 billion keywords.

Its Keyword explorer tool helps you to find in-depth information about the searching keyword along with search volume and competition.

Features of AHrefs:

  • Site explorer helps you for domain analysis
  • Keyword explorer helps you for keyword research
  • Site audit helps you to perform website audits
  • Rank Tracker helps you to track your keyword rankings
  • Content explorer helps you to discover and analyze high-performance content according to your niche
  • Content Gap helps you to find the tracked keywords of your competitors rank.

Pricing of AHRefs:

The plans and pricing of Ahrefs are available with 7 days trial.

  • Trial version – $7 for seven days
  • Lite plan – $99 per month
  • Standard plan – $179 per month
  • Advanced plan – $399 per month
  • Agency plan – $999 per month

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SERPSTAT – KWFinder alternative

SERPSTAT is a growth hacking tool for SEO and search analytics. This is another best KWFinder alternatives and helps you to find the best strategies for your competitor’s weakness.

Its keyword research feature helps you to find great keywords along with missing keywords for your new content. Serpstat is one of the rarest KWFinder free alternative tools.

Features of SERPSTAT:

  • The keyword clustering tool helps you to group the highly relevant and semantic keywords at one place.
  • Keyword research tool helps you to find profitable keywords.
  • Text analytics tool
  • The backlink analysis tool helps you to find the backlinks of your site
  • Rank Tracker helps you track the rankings of the keyword
  • Site audit tool helps you to find and fix your site issues)

Pricing of Serpstat

It is a little bit high than KWFinder tool. The Serpstat is a Freemium tool and comes with 4 attractive pricing.

  • Free trial for lifetime
  • Lite Plan Plan – $69 per Month
  • Standard Plan – $149 per Month
  • Advanced Plan – $299 per Month
  • Enterprise Plan – $499 per Month

4. Longtail Pro

Long tail pro banner

Long tail pro is another all in one keyword research tool with a simple interface. You can create multiple projects for various sites with smart organized mode. It helps you to find the long tail keywords in your content for better ranking in google. 

If you are planning to optimize your article with the long tail keywords, this is the perfect tool. It is one of the best keyword research tools and best KWFinder alternatives.

Longtail Pro Features:

The tool is a complete tool to perform keyword research. You will get number of long-tail keywords that you perform for the phrase search. Here are the basic features of Long tail pro tool.

  • Keyword research: It is the most useful tool to get hundreds of keywords. You can choose a broad phrase or exact keywords by entering the seed keywords then hit on generate keywords then export the list of keywords in CSV format.
  • SERP Analysis: It helps you know the keyword competitiveness (KC) and competition analysis details of the search phrase.
  • Rank Tracker: This tool allows you to track the site and keywords ranking from the chosen search engines (Google, Bing, and Yandex) on the location basis.
  • Backlink Analysis: This tool allows you to get the complete backlinking details with attractive insightful of reporting system of your site or competitor’s URL.

Pricing details of Long tail pro:

The pricing of Longtail pro depends on the chosen plan. There are three annual plans with 10 days free trial. In all plans keyword, research, and rank tracker features are very common.

  • Longtail Pro 10 days trial
  • Starter Plan – $37 per Month
  • Pro Plan – $45 per Month
  • Agency Plan – $98 per Month

5. SEMScoop

semscoop keyword research tool
semscoop keyword research tool

SEMSCOOP is another fantastic alternative to KWFinder. It is the most incredible keyword research tool and trusted by over 35,000 customers because of the biggest keyword database of 100+ million keywords.

The SEMSCOOP helps you to find profitable keywords by knowing their SEO difficulty, SERP analysis, along with advanced links profile and content quality score.

SEMSCOOP – Another keyword research tools

SEMScoop Features

Find below more reasons to choose and use SEMScoop:

  • It shows Keyword Difficulty Score of every search keyword with real time calculation.
  • It comes with easy to use interface
  • Search Volume & CPC Data: It gives all important data at one place
  • SERP & Links Profile
  • Social Signals
  • Content Analysis
  • Sort Out The Right Keywords
  • Import External Keyword List
  • Save Your Work Data
  • Blazing Fast Results
  • Amazing Friendly Interface

Pricing of SEMSCOOP

The prices of SEMSCoop are available in three plans. It offers a free plan with limited features


It comes with these limitations.

  • 5 Keyword Searches and 10 keyword analysis Per Day
  • 50 Keyword Results Per Search
  • Import keywords in bulk

If you need more usage, you have to upgrade your account as a premium.


This plan costs you $9 per month. It offers the following features. ($89 per year)

  • 25 Keyword Searches and 50 keyword analysis Per Day
  • 300 Keyword Results Per Search
  • Import keywords in bulk


This plan cost you $17 per month. ($199 per year)

  • 200 Keyword Searches and 400 keyword analysis Per Day
  • 700 Keyword Results Per Search
  • Import keywords in bulk


This plan cost you $23 per month ($279 per year)

  • Unlimited search
  • Unlimited analysis
  • 700 Keyword Results Per Search
  • Import keywords in bulk

If you are looking for the best KWFinder alternatives, SEMSCOOP is perfect with a similar budget. So you can try the basic plan comes at $7 per month only.

6. SECockpit

secockpit keyword research tool
SECockpit – keyword research tool

SECockPit (Search Engine Cockpit) is another tool that comes under a very good alternative to KWFinder. Most of the internet marketing legends are mentioning on their blog as this is one of the mandatory tools and mentioned as it is one of the most sophisticated keyword research tools.

It comes with extensive training materials & bonuses for new users. The SEOCockpit is packed with additional features along with Keyword research capabilities. They are market analysis, blog optimization, Google adwords keywords and lead magnet tools.

SECockpit is probably the most advanced keyword research tool on the market. Yes, you enter a seed keyword and get suggestions like any other tool. But SECockpit can do so much more than display a list of related keywords. It can spit out low competition keywords. It can show you keywords that get a minimum CPC in AdWords. It can even show you keywords that have YouTube, eBay or Amazon results on the first page.
Brian Dean

Features of SECockpit

  • It helps you to retrieve the keyword research data for any language from any country
  • You will get a large array of keyword suggestions or ideas from Google ads, Google suggest and Google related searches
  • You can perform and help you to uncover the top performing keywords of your competitors.

Pricing of SECockpit

The pricing of SECockpit is similar to KWFinder. So it is an identical KWFinder alternative. It comes with three attractive subscription plans.

  • Personal: It comes with $39 per month pricing and it offers 10 keywor searches (800 search results per keyword search)
  • Pro: It comes with $42 per month pricing and it offers 50 keyword searches (10,000 search results per keyword search)
  • Agency: It comes with $75 per month and it offers unlimited keyword searches (10,000 search results per keyword search)


keywordtool dot io – Best Google Keyword Planner alternative

KeywordTool is one of the Freemium tools and it is the best alternative to Google Keyword planner. It helps you to find better keywords for SEO and PPC ad campaigns.

In its free version, you can find up to 750+ long tail keywords suggestions for every search term. You can generate keyword ideas for various platforms like Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and eBay.

It is a simple KWFinder alternative. When a keyword is entered into the search box that generates hundreds of keyword suggestions instantly.

Features of KeywordTool

  • If gives hundreds of relevant long tail keywords by using its integrates Google Autocomplete.
  • You will get keywords data from over 192 countries in 46 languages.
  • You can export all the keywords data in Excel or CSV file
  • Negative keywords filter helps you to filter out unwanted keyword terms.
  • It gives the complete keyword metrics like CPC, search volume and competition
  • If you are not satisfied, you can use their 30 days money refund option.

Pricing of KeywordTool

The KeywordTool is offering three pricing options in their pro version.

Get now
  • Basic: $69 per month when billed annually
  • Plus: $79 per month when billed annually
  • Business: $159 per month when billed annually

For beginners, google keyword planner is one of the best SEO tools to perform keyword research. But it does not show any search volume to the given seed keyword and does not fit for competitor research. If you need more keyword data, you should go for the free keyword research tool. If you are a beginner, the free version is enough for more keyword suggestions. If you upgrade to the premium version, you will get the most profitable keywords and content ideas for your content.

8. Rank Tracker

Rank tracker
Rabk Tracker

Rank tracker is one of the tool in the SEO Powersuite bundle. It is one of the best SEO software bundle. It is a fermium tool. You can pick awesome hidden keywords for your blog.

Rank tracker uses a special metric like the Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI), it helps you to figure out to know the goodness of your keywords to rank the content in Google search engine.

To track your keywords ranking on Google, this is a great tool.

Rank Tracker features

Run keyword research and accurate rank tracking with the right ranking software

  • Endless keyword ideas for free
  • Unlimited keyword position tracking
  • You can use 23 keyword tools in one place
  • SERPs features analyzer
  • Desktop and mobile rankings
  • Local SEO instruments
  • Analytical search data

Pricings of Rank Tracker

Rank tracker is offers two different subscription plans. They are

  • Professional: it is perfect for website owners and webmasters. It costs $149 per year
  • Enterprise: It is designed for professional optimizers and SEO companies. It costs you $349 per year.

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9. Ubersuggest

ubersuggest tool

Ubersuggest is a recently launched keyword tool from SEO guru Neil Patel. This keyword tool helps you to conduct competitor research, SEO audit, and keyword research, and backlink analysis. 

If you search your keyword with this tool you will get all details of your search term like search volume, SEO difficulty, and paid difficulty. This is another best alternative to Goo

Features of Ubersuggest

  • Domain overview: It helps you for competitor analysis
  • Top SEO pages: It helps you to find the competitors best performance pages
  • Keyword discovery tool: It helps you to find profitable SEO keywords with traffic volume, trends and difficulty.
  • Traffic Analyzer: It helps you to find monthly visitors of your competition like traffic over time, top keywords and top pages.
  • SEO website audit tool:  It helps you to find and fix the SEO issues on your site.


The Ubersuggest is a freemium tool with attractive pricing and plans.

Monthly plans:

  • Individual: This plan is suitable for entrepreneurs and small businesses who are managing 1-3 sites. It costs you $29 per month with 100 reports/day.
  • Business: This plan is suitable for small and medium businesses who are managing 4-7 websites. It costs you $49 per month with 300 reports/day.
  • Enterprise / Agency: This plan is suitable for large businesses and agencies that are managing 8+ websites. It costs you $99 per month with 900 reports/day.

Lifetime plans

  • Individual: It costs you $290 with 100 reports/day.
  • Business: It costs you $490 with 300 reports/day.
  • Enterprise / Agency: It costs you $990 with 900 reports/day

10. SpyFu

spyfu tool
spyfu tool

Spyfu is the oldest SEO tool. From the few years, it was updated as a complete keyword research suite which is similar to KWFinder. If you want to steal your competitor’s best performing keywords, the spyfu is another best option after SEMRUSH and Ahrefs.

This tool shows unlimited searches on millions of keywords along with great insights like transactional keywords, and history.

The Spyfu is indexed over 7 billion results from more than 102 million domains. This is a perfect competitor with other SEO research tools.

Features of Spyfu

  • It is one of the competitor keyword snipper tool
  • It tracks up to 10 years of SERP raking history
  • You can export unlimited backlink data
  • Full SEO audit functioning feature
  • You can perform unlimited domain and keyword searchers
  • You will get both mobile and desktop metrics separately 

Pricings of Spyfu

The pricing of Spyfu is similar to KWFinder. It offers three different subscription plans with with unlimited access.

  • Basic: It offers $39 per month with unlimited search results with 5k weekly tracking to keywords ranking.
  • Professional: It offers $79 per month with unlimited search results with 15k weekly tracking to keyword rankings.
  • Team: It offers $299 per month with unlimited search results with 40k weekly tracking to keyword rankings.

The spyfu offers 30 days money-back guarantee. So you can cancel your subscription anytime if you are not happy. You can cancel anytime via email, live chat, or phone.

Time to invest in Keyword Research tools

Why Blogging
Time to invest in premium tools

If you are having free keyword online research tools access that is not enough.  If you are really interested to move your blog to the next level, you have to invest in premium tools for keyword research.

There are plenty of benefits with premium tools. They are

  • You will get the biggest keyword databases including with hidden keywords which is not available in any free tool
  • The keywords are constantly updating with fresh data of search volume and CPC.
  • Access to premium support
  • More updated keyword metrics like Keyword difficulty, trend, backlinks data and many more.

So if you are really planning to rank your content and site SEO easily, you should consider investing in one premium tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is KWFinder free?

    KWFinder is one of the free keyword research tools. The tool comes with 10 days free trial version along with their premium plans. In the trial version, you will get 5 searches per day with 25 related keywords and with 10 competitor keyword searches per day. To know more details of this tool, you can read my review on KWFinder.

  2. What are the best keyword research tools?

    There are thousands of keyword research tools are there in the online market. But few of the tools have received positive feedbacks. Personally, I tested a few of the tools, but I am impressed with these premium tools – SEMRUSH, AHREFS, Rank tracker, and Ubersuggest.

  3. How do I find high-value keywords?

    High-value keywords are called Profitable keywords. You can find these by knowing the CPC (Cost per click) value. Almost every keyword tool like AHrefs, SEMRUsh, KeywordTool, Ubersuggest, and KWFinder provided you the CPC value. Pick those keywords which one having high CPC value that will generate more profits.

  4. How do I find competitor’s keywords?

    To find the competitor keywords, you can use SEMRUSH, Spyfu, AHREFs, MOZ, and Ubersuggest tools. These tools help you to find the both organic and paid keyword strategies of your competitor site.

  5. What is the best keyword tool for YouTube?

    YouTube is the most popular video hosting site. If you are doing the proper SEO with keywords, the video will give better results. If you are really checking for the best keyword tool for your YouTube channel, I strongly suggest and Ahrefs.

  6. What is a good keyword difficulty?

    Keyword difficulty is an important keyword metric. This will show you how difficult it is to rank your chosen keyword. But the density score of the keyword varies from tool to tool. So better to use multiple tools to know the exact difficulty of the particular keyword term.

Final words

If you are really looking for more search traffic, keyword research is very important. It has a very important role. The success of the niche mainly depends on the choice of the right keywords to target.

I am using a few tools every time to pick the better keywords from the given list from the above. After performing keyword research on most of the tools, the above-listed KWFinder alternatives are very helpful for bloggers and SEO Enthusiasts. 

If you are a beginner, Google keyword planner is a very good choice to get more keyword ideas and long tail keywords. It is the best KWFinder alternative. After getting good traffic, better to go for the premium keyword research tools.

If you are using any KWFinder competitor tool which is not given in the above list, share your favorite in the comment section.

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