Top List of Attractive Titles to Increase Your Post Click Rates

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The Attractive titles are the most important because it determines the click rates and an opening of your article.

When you properly chose, it contributes to the success of your article, either with your readers or the results of search engines.

attractive titles for better CTR

Ideally for both, even if the exercise is then more difficult – but not impossible.

If you fail this step, you make a trip to your ticket almost no way back into the oblivion of your blog.

The title is the most important element and visible part of your article.

It gives more engagements and good results with search engines along with great readers.

How to create a creative title? This is the biggest art of content writers.

Basic points to create Better post titles

Below are the simple points to create attractive titles:

Keyword Usage:

  • Using the proper keyword in the title is very important to gain the visitor’s attention from search engines.
  • It gives good CTR.

Better to avoid Long titles:

  • If you write long titles, the search engines ignore the words after 60 characters.
  • The Optimized length of Title is 60 characters.
  • The title should be below 8 words performs well.content length - Attractive Titles

Using catchy and attractive Phrases:

  • By using attractive and catchy phrases, you will get different readers.
  • The most popular catch-phrases are “How to”, “Tips For”, and “DIY”.


  • To write attractive titles for your content, Clarity is very important.
  • Creating intentional advertising titles gives false results to the reader.
  • Here transparency is very important.

These are the examined titles from experts, which shows 74 examples of attractive titles for a blog post title analysis.

These holes skeletons you have to meet to come up with titles that have been tested and proven in the blogosphere.

Top List of Attractive Titles to open Your Posts

Use this attractive title line in Tutorials / Guide:

  1. How To ____ That Drives ____
  2. How To ____ in [#] easy steps
  3. How To ____ in
  4. How I Made ____ in ____
  5. How To Find ____
  6. How To Rock ____
  7. How To Make A Strong ____
  8. How To Completely Change ____
  9. How To Create ____ That Gets ____
  10. How To Get More ____
  11. How To Generate More ____
  12. How To Quickly ____
  13. How To Deliver
  14. How To Use ____ To Stand Out
  15. How To Tell If ____
  16. How ____ Boost Your ____
  17. How To ____ The Right Way
  18. How ____ Can Inspire Your ____
  19. How To Get Rid Of ____
  20. What To Do With ____
  21. Where To Find ____
  22. Quick Guide:
  23. A Complete Guide To ____
  24. What to Look for ____
  25. Ultimate Guide: ____
  26. Advanced Guide: ____
  27. Beginners Guide: ____
  28. Hack: ____
  29. DIY ____
  30. Practical Guide: ____
  31. The Anatomy Of ____ That Gets ____
  32. Full Guide: ____
  33. How To Unlock ____
  34. Getting Smart With:

Use this attractive titles in Tips:

  1. Tips For _____
  2. Smart Strategies To ____
  3. Most Effective Tactics To ____
  4. Most Popular Ways To ____
  5. Essential Steps To ____
  6. Wrong Ways To____
  7. Creative Ways ____
  8. Tips For Busy ____
  9. No-Nonsense ____
  10. Surprising ____
  11. Handy Tips From ____ For ____
  12. Superb Ways To _____ Without
  13. Tricks _____
  14. Ways To Make Sure Your ____ Is Not ____
  15. Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again
  16. Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make
  17. Tactics To _____
  18. Super Tips _____
  19. That Will Make You _____
  20. Foolproof _____ Tips For _____
  21. Epic Formula To _____
  22. Supercharge Your _____
  23. Pleasant Ways To _____
  24. Insane Ways To _____
  25. Unique Ways To _____
  26. Greatest _____ Hacks For _____
  27. Things You Didn’t Know About _____
  28. Wittiest _____ To _____
  29. Manly Things To _____
  30. Outrageous _____
  31. Weird But Effective _____ For
  32. Things You Should Never Do _____
  33. Wearable _____ For _____
  34. Kick-Ass Ways To _____Like A Ninja!

Use these Attractive title lines in Lists:

  1. Things your ____ Doesn’t Tell You
  2. ___ Trends For [YEAR]
  3. ____Every ____ Should Own
  4. ____ to Consider For ____
  5. Amazing ____ To Try Right Now
  6. Insane ____ That Will Give You ____
  7. Types of ____
  8. Questions You Should Ask Before _____
  9. Worth-It ____ For ____
  10. Jobs That Will Make You _____
  11. Secrets To ____
  12. Resources to Help You Become _____
  13. Ways to Embrace ____
  14. Proven Ways To ____
  15. Signs You Might ____
  16. Point Checklist: ____
  17. Pointers ____
  18. Rules For ____
  19. Habits Of ____
  20. Things You Need To Know Before ____
  21. Ideas To ____
  22. Trends You Need To Know ____
  23. Best ____ To ____
  24. ____ We Love
  25. Most Amazing ____ To ____
  26. Facts About ____
  27. Essential Things For ____
  28. Key Benefits Of ____
  29. Examples Of ____ To Inspire You
  30. ______ That Will Motivate You Today
  31. ______ Ideas
  32. Reasons You Didn’t Get ______

Final Words:

The Attractive title makes the article shape and user attention to open your articles.

So I collect the above 73 attractive titles from the different successful blogs.

You can also use this title to increase click rates.

By using the above attractive titles, the Click to Open Rate Formula is good.

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