Do you know the Google Blogger Limitations (Every Blogspot User should Know) is a free service, which is a part of Google. Everyone can create a personal blog very easily with this blogger platform. Gmail is compulsory to use this Google service. In this concept, you need to know Google Blogger Limitations.

These limits can change in the future. Now we learn about updates only. There are some Google blogger limitations discussed in this article. Let us learn about these first.

google blogger limitations
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Google Blogger Limitations

Google Blogger Limitations per Account

  1. Number of Blogs you can create: 100 per account
  2. About Me” profile info: 1200 character
  3. Profile Interests and favorites: 2000 character in each field
  4. Number of blogs to follow: 300 blogs per account
  5. Image size:
  • Images via post editor: Must be 1600px wide (or) high. If you upload more than 1600px dimensions, it will be scaled down to 1600px.
  • Image for Template background: No limit. But remember, it shows the impact on page speed. So try to upload low dimension images only.

6. Image file size:

  • Uploaded image via Post editor: Not more than 8MB.
  • Background for Template image: the image can change at Template> customize>Background. The size of the image background should not exceed 300KB.

7. The storage capacity of Images: Google service is providing 1GB free space for image hosting via Picasa Web album service. The size of the images depends on the Google Plus account.

  • If you have Google+:  Photos size up to 2048 X 2048px.  Video length up to 15 minutes. Your storage won’t count towards your free storage quota if you upload photos via Google+. All photos will be upload into the Picasa image storage account as an Album. The storage of images is countable, it gives only 1 GB of free storage.
  • If you haven’t signup Google: Photos up to 800 X 800pixels. Videos up to 15 minutes. (Won’t count free storage).

Blog Limits

  1. Length of the Blog title: 90 characters
  2. Subdomain name length: 37 characters
  3. Blog Description length: 500 characters
  4. Authors / Members: Up to 100 members invitations per blog.
  5. Number of Static pages: 20 pages per blog
  6. Number of posts: No limit (unlimited)
  7. Number of Labels: Nearly 5000 unique labels per blog

Post Limits

  1. Individual post length: No limit
  2. Number of Comments: No limit
  3. Number of Labels: 20 unique labels per post. (All labels combined must not exceed 200 characters per post)
  4. Length of Post Name: 30 characters
  5. Comments length: 4,096 characters per comment

Complete list of Blogger limitation

  • Blogger storage limit – 15 GB overall – Upgradeable
  • Blogger page limit – various
  • Blogger post limit – Unlimited
  • Blogger size, space limit – Photos on Picasa maximum 15 GB – Upgradeable
  • Blog limit – 100 per account
  • Blogspot limit – NIL


these blogger limitations should not change your views and it is free. If you need more control on your blog, start your WordPress blog with Bluehost hosting. These are the primary basics of blogging on Every blogger should know these basics. If you are planning to move your blog from Blogspot to a self-hosted WordPress blog, I wrote an ebook for the complete guide ($99 Worth). Grab this Guide at free of cost from here.

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