12+ Best Adsense optimized WordPress themes for more Revenue

Most of the websites are running with Google Adsense as a primary income source. If you are using WordPress as your blog’s CMS, you need to choose the best WordPress theme to display ads.

To display the Adsense ads from Google, the blog needs Adsense optimized WordPress Themes for better revenue.

The template developers are coding the web templates for WordPress blogs by keeping the Google Adsense template layout in mind.

google adsense optimized wordpress themes
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Google adsense optimized wordpress themes

Advertisements in different locations are the primary concept in these themes concept with great speed optimization.

There are thousands of Adsense optimized themes are available as in Free and Premium choices.

To pick the good and Adsense ready WordPress themes, we listed the best WordPress themes for Adsense in this article. Why the themes need Adsense Optimization?

Before talking about the Adsense optimized WordPress themes let us discuss, why should we concentrate that much on the Adsense?

While talking about the Adsense the first thing we should remember is, everyone does blogging to earn some bucks.

Those who wanted to earn money will mostly concentrate on AdSense. By using the proper WordPress themes, the Adsense earnings will be good.

In the given themes are coded with the best performing and recommended position for AdSense ads. 

AdSense is the best online advertising service that places ads on our websites and gives us money as the viewers click on it.

Here what we should remember is that the viewers only click on the ads only when they are well optimized and are best viewable to the viewer.

Why choose AdSense optimized WordPress themes?

So, the themes should be well designed that they include ads within them giving good visibility to the viewers. The viewer will click the ads when the ads are seen in the article and mostly the ads should be mostly included in the article.

Pick one template from the list of Adsense optimized WordPress themes. Install in a WordPress blog and improve your revenue in the blogging niche.

To generate more revenue from Google Adsense ads needs good website optimization with specified ad slots. If you do not know how to install a WordPress theme from the dashboard, This is the complete guide to complete the installation. 

The themes that we select should be well optimized for Adsense (Adsense themes). Simply, these are Google AdSense Ready WordPress Themes to earn more revenue.

The places provided for the Ads should be reasonable and the viewer should be interested to click on the article. For Google Adsense, the optimized themes automatically search for the best ad and relevant ad placement to display at the user end. Here the best website templates are working well.

Best Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes List

The below-given list is completely Adsense friendly layouts with fully optimized for AdSense for better revenue. Here you should remember the user experience while the user is browsing your site from any device. let us see the list of Adsense optimized WordPress themes.

Theme Name

Theme Provider















Socially Viral















Magazine Pro





$49 (23 themes)




These themes are optimized for speed.

1. Boombox – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

Boombox is the most popular, powerful and flexible viral and buzz style premium WordPress theme. The template or layout is powered by the Viral content builder.

The theme is specially designed for popular news, listicles, polls or quizzes, social sharing integration, trending, the voting system for user reaction, bloggers community drive and it is specially integrated with the most popular plugin is WP QUADS.

This plugin gives the features to set ads like Below post title, end of the post, right after the <!-more->tag, right before the last paragraph, after paragraph no, Afterimage.

You can place banner ads easily. This is one of the good Adsense optimized WordPress themes.

The Boombox theme included so many additional plugins that are adding, even more, features and options like WordPress login with social network logins and online community creation.

Key features of Boombox:

  • Integrated Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) features
  • Facebook instant articles support
  • Instant file uploading facility
  • WooCommerce support
  • Easy Social share buttons
  • User-friendly and SEO-Friendly interface
  • Integrated Zombify front end uploader

2. Ad-sense theme by MyThemeShop

Ad-sense Premium WordPress theme for adsense users
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When we talk about the better AdSense optimized WordPress themes, the first theme that comes to the mind is Ad-sense Theme by MyThemeShop. This is optimized just for the Adsense.

This is best for its different add placements in the blog and within the articles.

The best thing about this template is that the amazing technology used to avoid the adblockers in the viewer’s browser.

Simply, This is one of the best WordPress themes for Google Adsense users. The theme gives a great user experience.

Before going to check the demo, I wrote a complete review of the Ad-sense WordPress template. I am using this template in my Adsense based niche blogs.

Whenever an ad blocker is detected in the browser the theme will stop showing the content and displays a popup showing that “there is an ad blocker that blocks our ads so please disable the ad blocker”. Once the ad blocker is removed the content will be displayed as it is.

Special Features

  • 8 different layouts.
  • Fast loading
  • Spaces for ads
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Ads within article
  • Great theme options (options panel)
  • Fully Adsense optimized
  • Comes with inbuilt smart visual composer

3. The Newspaper Theme by ThemeForest

newspaper 9 theme
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The newspaper theme is the best WordPress theme for Adsense optimization developed by tagDiv.

This was the best of many other themes provided by ThemeForest. This is a top-selling theme.

This theme is mostly meant for AdSense, but in many instances, it is the best theme for any blog. It is the most sold news theme of ThemeForest.

The best feature in this theme is the responsiveness of the ads.

In this theme, you do not need to pick a specific size of the ad for a certain place. It comes with a great and attractive magazine themes layouts for a unique design.

But in the WordPress theme directory, hundreds of free themes are available free of cost and Search engine friendly. Of course, free themes has limited customization features.

Any ad you place in the spot will be adjusted as the space available for it. It is a more comfort theme for news websites for better user experience.

Special Features

  • Responsive WordPress design with ads optimized
  • Automatic AdSense ad detection
  • Custom ad spots
  • Google fonts integrated
  • Comes with Great advances options panel
  • Availability to add any other ads
  • It comes with Visual Composer

4. Admania by ThemeForest

Admania by ThemeForest
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This is the other AdSense optimized WordPress Theme by ThemeForest.

This theme has a special feature, we should not call it a feature but it is a stunner. This changes your website into a very amazing design using this theme.

No doubt this is the best free WordPress theme for advertising to earn more revenue.

It is all because of the colours used by the theme. They are absolutely amazing and you can even change colours.

Some themes even though concentrate on earnings, they lack good design.

But this is a very good looking theme with AdSense optimization.

Special Features

  • Adsense optimized
  • Fast loading theme
  • Unlimited colors
  • SEO-Friendly and SEO optimized
  • Social media integrated
  • Visual composer supportive

5. Socially Viral by MyThemeShop

This theme is optimized with Adsense along with a number of features. This theme has the amazing capability of bringing the traffic to your website with the options provided.

The cost of the theme is also so specific and is reasonable. This theme is fully responsive.

You can opt for this theme not only for other features but also for the responsiveness.

It is also available that this theme has the full capability of monetizing your website with good ads all the time.

Special Features

  • Adsense optimized
  • It comes with integrated social media buttons
  • Fully responsive WordPress theme
  • The user and mobile-friendly theme options panel
  • Beautiful design
  • Inbuilt plugins

6. TrueMag by ThemeForest

TrueMag wordpress theme
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Truemag is an ad and Adsense optimized magazine-style theme. This theme by ThemeForest is fully meant for the Adsense.

There are several spaces provided for the ads within the posts and even the homepage. All you need to do is just put in the codes of ads in the spaces provided.

The special feature of this theme is that it provides responsive ads for your website.

It means no matter which device your viewer uses that ad simply displays.

This also is responsive and also Woo-commerce support. No matter what you sell you can simply do it using this theme.

The color combinations are very good. You are also provided to change the color and fonts of the website in your theme.

Special Features

  • Ad Responsive
  • woocommerce supported
  • BuddyPress & bbpress supportive
  • Responsive WordPress layout design
  • Attractive widget areas
  • SEO Optimized theme

7. Sahifa Theme by ThemeForest

Sahifa WordPress theme
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The Sahifa theme is the top-selling theme for those who are looking for AdSense optimized WordPress themes. This is a very bright, vibrant theme for a very good looking.

The Sahifa theme includes many Google fonts included in it and you can add additional colors also.

This theme has a wide range of widgets collection. This is a top-rated high CTR WordPress theme. CTR means Click Through Rate.

This theme is included with the capability to have responsive ads and can be displayed on any device.

This has a special plugin named Theia Sticky sidebar also included in it.

This theme is a whole set of amazing features included in it.

For better AdSense optimized WordPress themes, you need to select the Sahifa theme by ThemeForest.

It is AdSense friendly WordPress themes.

Special Features

  • Adsense optimized
  • premium plugins included
  • The simple and user-friendly options panel
  • Massive Google fonts
  • spacious widget areas
  • woocommerce supported

8. NewsMag by ThemeForest

NewsMag wordpress theme
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This theme is a simple WordPress theme for full AdSense optimization. It is an easy theme with drag and drops page builder.

There are more than 25 custom widgets by those you can optimize your blog as you like.

It is the best combination of newspaper and magazine-style themes that give you the best performance of the above two themes.

News magazine is the perfect choice for news websites.

Good magazine WordPress theme with advanced features.

This theme comes with the lowest price with the best features as of any other theme.

You will get 10 ad spots in the theme to place your ads for the best results.

Special Features

  • Adsense optimized
  • 10 ad spots
  • Ad Responsive
  • Clean code and rich snippets

9. Admag Theme by ThemeForest

AdMag PRemium WordPress theme
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Admag is the theme used mainly for fashion blogs. The AdSense system is integrated into the theme and gives you the best results for your blog’s traffic.

This has a good design with more than 600 fonts included in it. This is another template for online magazines.

Using these, you can customize your blog with better viewability. It has got a drag and drop page builder option included in it, by which your optimization is much easier.

This is a fully Adsense, optimized WordPress theme, and you get good results using this theme.

This theme provides spaces to keep your theme, and you can place them over there.

Special Features

10. Magazine Pro theme by StudioPress

Magazine Pro child theme
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This theme is from the StudioPress and it has got the best ability to AdSense optimization. This is a child theme powered by genesis themes.

It has got a very great design and along with it, it has got the ability to add a wide range of layouts for your posts and pages.

This has also got a responsive design and layout. It also got four amazing colour styles from which you can choose for your design. Now the Studiopress themes are available free of cost in the WPEngine WordPress hosting. The web hosting providers are providing all the Genesis child themes, including Genesis framework for their customers. Of course, Magazine Pro is one of the best Magazine themes for 7 years.

Special Features

  • Adsense optimized
  • Four amazing color styles
  • Responsive layout

11. MySocial theme by Happythemes

MySocial Premium theme from HappyThemes
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The HappyThemes has released a brand new template for better Adsense optimization.

In the Mysocial theme, there will be places provided for the ads, and you can place the ads in the places given.

This is also a responsive theme for the best loading times for your blogs.

Responsive means it fits in all screen sizes without any loading problems.

This theme was recently placed in the happythemes gallery and gives the best results for the new blogs that have placed this template for their blogs.

The responsiveness of this blog is also excellent.


  • Adsense optimized
  • Responsive design
  • Beautiful design
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Drag and Drop page builder

12. NewsPro by StudioPress

NewsPro by StudioPress
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News Pro is the theme used mainly fashion blog. The Adsense optimization is integrated with this theme and it gives you the best results for your blog traffic. This is one of the highly optimized genesis child themes.

This news pro theme has a good design with more than 600 fonts included in it. Using these you can customize your blog easily. It has also got a drag and drop page builder option included in it, by which you can optimize it much easier.

This theme is Adsense optimized fully, and you get good results by using this theme.

This theme is providing spaces to keep your theme, and you can place them over there.

Special Features

  • Adsense optimized
  • Responsive design
  • Ads Responsive
  • Great design

Last words

There are many good AdSense optimized WordPress themes, but the above shown are the best of them, and you will get the best result using these themes for your blogs.

Responsiveness is also the main thing in displaying good ads incorrect positions and you will get good money by that.

All the above-shown themes are fully responsive. They also can be easily optimized.

The fonts and colours included in the themes are simply amazing. Here I mentioned free AdSense WordPress themes (MySocial theme) and the remaining themes are premium themes with great featured options.

To get WordPress optimized web hosting, I recommend BluehostA2Hosting, and GreenGeeks. These are the recommended Adsense optimized WordPress themes.

The themes developed by various theme providers are provided, and everyone is got with its own feature included in it that makes it more special. Here I wrote the must-have WordPress plugins list for more additional functionality.

For Adsense, there are also many themes developed by these providers. Those are shown above. Comment your opinion on the theme that you liked and use in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the Ad-Sense theme for WordPress?

    The ad-sense theme for WordPress is a well-optimized theme from mythemeshop. The theme has plenty of advanced features that are useful to place Adsense ads anywhere in the blog. Every ad spot is well designed and updated with the Ad-blocker feature. This is the perfect theme for Adsense and Affiliate marketing blogs. Before choosing the perfect theme for Adsense enabled theme, you need to concentrate on which theme is giving better CTR.

  2. What is the most SEO friendly WordPress theme?

    For a few years, most of the WordPress themes are designed with simple code and SEO friendly. I love the Generatepress WordPress premium theme because of its lightweight, clean code and its support. After GP premium, I suggest all Studiopress themes and Mythemeshop themes. All the themes are well designed with a user-friendly interface and SEO friendly.

  3. Can you use AdSense plugins on WordPress?

    You can use the AdSense plugins for better CTR and revenue. Most of the themes are optimised for ads and Search engine. If your theme is not Adsense optimised, you can use the Adsense plugins to place the ads codes to display with simple steps.

  4. Which WordPress theme is best for AdSense?

    The perfect WordPress themes for Adsense enabled blogs are Newspaper, Sahifa, Generatepress, Magazine pro (StudioPress), and few themes from MythemeShop. I feel very comfortable with the GeneratePress theme. It comes with simple code, lightweight, and advanced elements like Hooks, Header, and Blocks. All themes are Gutenberg ready themes and well optimized with Ad slots for better CTR and revenue.

  5. Can Google AdSense be used on WordPress?

    Yes. You can use Google AdSense on a WordPress blog. If you started a new blog, you have to apply for new Adsense account approval after preparing the blog as per their approval guidance. If you are using Adsense on Blogspot or Youtube platforms, you need to change the Adsense account type or need the approval to display ads on the WordPress blog.

  6. Which blog is best for AdSense?

    The best blog to follow about Adsense is Inside Adsense (Adsense official blog). This blog gives the complete details from basic start to advanced guides and tips on Adsense publisher.

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