Long Tail Pro Review: Best Keyword Research Weapon for Bloggers and Marketers

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Are you looking for an easy way to find the best keywords to rank in Google?

Everybody knows the value of keywords in Internet marketing. Before starting online marketing or blogging, they should know the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

By doing the long tail keyword research, choosing the right targeted keyword is a very important aspect of writing Quality content.

This quality content will help to grow your blog very fast as per the search engine’s requirements.

A few yew years back, keyword stuffing is a very famous concept to index the blog fast in search engines. But these days, this is a very easy process.

long tail pro review

Most of the search engines are not accepting Keyword stuffing. If anyone follows this method, definitely the blog will be penalized by Google Panda or Penguin updates.

So every internet marketer or blogger should be select right and target keywords. This tool is very helpful to those who are working on Affiliate marketing.

So every internet marketer or blogger should select the right and target keywords by keyword research and should use these keywords in incorrect places.

Long tail Pro Review and Working Guide

Which Keywords are the best?

This is the headache question of blogger and internet marketer. This Long tail pro review helps you to get hundreds of keywords for their marketing. I spent more time on the web to work out with keyword research tools available on the net. Nearly I used 7 Long tail keyword research tools, among the tools I have opted Long tail pro keyword research tool. 

What about Long Tail Pro?

The Longtail pro tool is created by internet marketer “Spencer Haws”. This tool is designed for his content writing purpose, which helped more on the keyword selection based on the search phrases, web traffic. The selected keywords helped to get organic traffic for his blogs.

Long Tail Pro Review Top keyword research weapon for Internet Marketers

This tool allows you to analyze more keywords in a very short time and choose those that best suit your goals. Furthermore module “keyword research” has two other modules, which is the keyword analysis of competition on Google and tracking of positions on a web page.

This program allows you to choose between different filters when search keywords. Look for:

  • Global search volume
  • Available exact domain
  • Competition in the title (with results from Google)
  • Competition in the title (with Bing results)

It also lets you another set of filters as:

  • Local Search Volume
  • Average CPC
  • Number of words in the keyword

Salient features of Long Tail Pro

  • It helps to search for multiple keywords at once
  • It gives 800 results per seed keyword
  • You can filter it easily
  • It helps to find new domains automatically
  • It helps to Google or Bing title competition
  • Best competitor analysis to get top 10 Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page)
  • It helps to check rankings of sites in Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • The special feature is Keyword competitiveness
  • We can import lists of keyword at once (up to 10,000)

Special Interlocked Modules in Longtail Pro

Long tail pro consists of three major modules in this tool

1. Keyword Research module

  • The most useful module to get hundreds of keywords. You can enter seed keywords then hit the button on Generate keywords.
  • Choose broad, phrase or Exact keyword match basis for finding search volume
  • Other options are
    • Fetch additional data
    • Apply filters
  • Finally, you can export or download all keywords into a spreadsheet for future use.

2. Competitor Analysis Module

The competitor analysis tool helps to analyze the top 10 results of any given seed keyword. This module analysis includes.

  • Page Authority (PA)
  • Age of site
  • Page Rank (PR)
  • Number of backlinks (via SEOmoz)
  • of links from educational sites (.edu)

3. Rank Checker Module

This module helps to check each search term from the selective URLs.

How to start Keyword Research with a Long tail pro?

How to use long tail pro? To find long tail keywords using Long tail pro is very easy. Using this LTP is just a 3 step process. Use Long Tail Pro’s step-by-step system to discover thousands of profitable, targeted keywords and calculate Keyword Competitiveness for almost any niche! Get it Here.

Long Tail Pro helps you find thousands of long tail keywords you can rank for. It is one of the best Keyword Research tools to collect long tail keywords. The tool was released in 2011. Since 2011, more than 70,000 marketers believed this tool.  It is an excellent weapon to get better long tail keywords. This is a Premium tool. You can check my Long Tail Pro Review from my article gallery for more details.

Step 1: Open Long Tail Pro site and log in. Enter the keyword in the Seed Keywords and click on the Retrieve  button

Long tail pro keyword research

Step 2: The Longtail Pro tool will start keyword collection. After a few seconds, they will provide the details like the below screenshot. The tool collections, not keywords, it analyzes the Keyword Competitiveness. If the KC is below 30 the keyword is very easy to rank in the search engines. In the below search results, I am getting Two awesome keywords for my seed keyword “Happy Anniversary”. You can collect those keywords for easy ranking.

longtail pro KC value

Step 3: Choose one of the keywords and get the Competition Analysis report. It helps you to analyze that keyword.

longtail pro google results breakdown

Recently I purchased this Longtail Pro version. Simply superb.

  • After the integration of this API key, the software starts the gathering information on the keyword by choosing the following factors
    • If the main keyword is in the title
    • Page rank of that URL
    • Moz rank of that URL
    • Domain age
    • Domain authority
    • Page authority
    • SEO Juice page link
  • Finally, you will get the keyword

Note: choose the Keyword Competitiveness (KC) below 30. If the keyword is 40, it is manageable. Long tail Pro KC is very effective to pick the good long-tail keywords.

Keyword Competitiveness score

How to get Long tail Keywords with this tool?

This is a very simple- go-to long-tail pro page and chooses the following Trial or packages. Then complete the process and get the software in a zipping format with setup instructions.

The product is very easy to use. It gives the 9 step by step module videos

  1. How to Install Long Tail Pro
  2. How to Setup a New Campaign
  3. How to Use the “Include” and “Exclude” Keywords Feature
  4. How to Use “Fetch Additional Data” (Global Search Volume, Domains, and Title Competition)
  5. How to Use Filters and Set Default Campaign Settings
  6. Understanding the Keyword Results Screen
  7. How to Use the Competitor Analysis
  8. How to Find Low Competition Keywords with the Competitor Analysis
  9. How to Use the Rank Checker

If you want to know more details about how to use this tool, I wrote the complete tutorial on

Longtail Pro and Platinum tool Plans and Pricing

An exceptional Longtail keyword generator at a phenomenal price. There are three options

  1. Download 7 days Long tail pro free trial version at $1 and then decide
  2. Purchase the standard package (Long tail package) for an onetime fee of $97
  3. Purchase the Pro and Platinum package for a one-time fee of $97 and a following $17 per month thereafter. If you are not satisfied with the tool you can cancel at any time.

Note: Long tail pro/platinum lifetime licenses are not available right now. You have to stick to a monthly or annual billing system.

long tail pro pricing and plans

Final Words:

In fact, the majority of keyword research tools are time-consuming, poorly explained. But the long tail pro is the perfect and worth full tool to marketers. Thank you for reading my Long tail Pro review and best of luck. Share this review on social media with your friends and marketers. Personally, I recommend you boost your Keyword Strategy with this awesome tool. Use Long Tail Pro’s step-by-step system to discover thousands of profitable, targeted keywords and calculate Keyword Competitiveness for almost any niche! Get it Here.

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