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Long Tail Pro is the best keyword research tool. It helps you rank your content easily in Google by finding keywords that are low competition, high search volume, and long tail.

Are you looking for an easy way to find the best keywords to rank for on Google? This Long Tail Pro review will give you the complete solution. Long Tail Pro helps you research the keywords with low competition and thereafter examine the profitability of the keyword to its rank value.

Everybody knows the value of keywords in Internet marketing. Before starting online marketing or blogging, they should know the basics of search engine optimization (SEO).

When writing quality content, choosing the right targeted keyword is essential.

Creating high-quality content for your blog will help it grow rapidly as per search engines’ requirements.

In the past, keyword stuffing was very popular for indexing blogs quickly in search engines. These days, this is a simple process.

Most search engines do not accept keyword stuffing. If anyone follows this method, the blog will be penalized by Google Panda or Penguin updates.

So, every internet marketer or blogger should select the right and target keywords. This tool is very helpful to those who are working on affiliate marketing.

Finding the right keywords for your site is a lot of work, but if you take it slowly, you should find some long tail gems in no time.

So, every internet marketer or blogger should select the right and target keywords through keyword research and should not use these keywords in incorrect places.

What is a long tail keyword?

A long-tail keyword is a keyword with three or more words. Long-tail keywords are used in specific niches. They are more specific and less popular. Long-tail keywords are more targeted towards your customer’s search intent.

Long tail keywords are a great way of going after long-term keyword searches. 

For example, rather than going after a search term like car insurance, a long tail keyword would be car insurance for teen drivers

Short Tail KeywordsMedium Tail KeywordsLong Tail Keywords
Search VolumeHighMediumVery less
CompetitionHighModeratelyVery less
No. of Words1-23-44-9
Example 1Car insuranceTeen car insuranceCar insurance for teen drivers
AsteroidDinosaur Extinction AsteroidWhere did Dinosaur Extinction Asteroid it?

Long tail keywords are a great way to get a lot of traffic with a low number of searches, and they can be easier to rank for than shorter keywords because there aren’t as many pages fighting for your place on the first page of Google.

The best tools for SEO keyword research in 2023 are SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz. These tools offer a comprehensive set of features that can help you find the right target keywords, track your keyword rankings, and analyze your competitors.

You can boost organic traffic with a long tail pro by improving keyword rankings. It provides detailed keyword searches using CPC and volume searches.

What is a long tail pro?

Long Tail Pro keyword research tool that helps you find the most competitive keywords in a niche that allows you to rank higher for a long time. So with Long Tail Pro, you can target keywords in a niche and instantly get the best long tail targeted keywords in a particular niche.

long tail pro homepage new

Spencer Haws developed Long tail Pro tool for Internet marketers. This tool is designed for him to use for content development, which assisted him in finding the best keyword to use based on the search terms, and web traffic. The company has also created Long Tail University, which provides more detail on keyword selection, content strategy, and on-page SEO.

By selecting the right keywords, he was able to get organic traffic to his blogs.

This tool allows you to analyze more keywords in a very short time and choose those that best suit your goals. 

Furthermore, the module “keyword research” has two other modules, which are the keyword analysis of competition on Google and tracking of positions on a web page.

Features of Long tail Pro keyword research tool

  • It gives high CPC long tail keywords which are useful to increase AdSense revenue.
  • You can generate a keyword list based on your seed keyword.
  • Not only that, but you can import the keywords from outside for manual analysis.
  • You can export the keywords list in Excel spreadsheet format. 
  • It allows you to create multiple projects and various campaigns for different sites.
  • You can use it to see how your keywords rank on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • The tool comes with an integrated domain availability checker, which helps you to check the availability of keyword-rich domain names. It is very helpful if you are trying to start a micro-niche blog.
  • It comes with an excellent keyword competition checker.
  • We can import lists of keywords at once (up to 10,000)

Long tail pro review

Keyword research is the main act of business growth according to SEO experts around the world. Therefore, to ensure better rankings, much attention is given to this process.

Before going to the long tail pro review, you have to understand the difference between simple keywords and long tail keywords.

Simple Term / Head Term / Short KeywordsLong tail keywords
It has one or two words onlyIt should be more than 3 to 9 words
The monthly search volume for the term is high.The number of searches for long terms is usually low each month.
These are generic wordsThese are specific and target words.
It is difficult to rank well in search engines.It is easy to rank in search engines.

Long tail keywords are easier to rank organically than simple and middle keywords.

When you use long-tail keywords, you can easily rank for specific keywords. Finding long-tail keywords, however, is not so easy. It requires a lot more manual effort. To drill down the perfect LT keywords, you will need a good SEO tool. Long tail pro would be a good choice.

Finding long tail keywords is simplified with Long Tail Pro. A wide variety of online tools is available on the Internet.

SEMrush, KWFinder, SEO PowerSuite, Google Keyword Planner, NeuronWriter, Jaaxy, SERPSTAT, SpyFu, and Writerzen are some great alternatives to Long tail pro tools.

The Long Tail Pro works in four different ways. It includes:

  • To get the list of keywords from scratch for the seed keyword
  • To get the list of competitor’s ranked keywords
  • To get the list of backlinks to your site and competitors
  • To find and fix the site’s technical SEO issues as per site and content.

The Long tail pro comes with 5 different segments. Includes:

  • Keyword Research: To find profitable keywords that are easy to optimize and rank in search engines. Discover Comprehensive and accurate keyword suggestions.
  • SERP Analysis: To build a strong strategy from a more in-depth analysis.
  • Backlink Analysis: To research your backlinks.
  • Rank Tracker: In-depth Analysis to build a strong strategy.
  • Site Audit: Scan and eliminate your Technical SEO issues

1. Keyword Research

long tail pro - keyword research

Long Tail Pro’s best feature is Keyword Research. This feature helps you find long tail keywords that make it easy to rank your website. 

A powerful competitor analysis tool is included in the software that helps you uncover the strength of your competitors so that you can outrank them.

Using the Long Tail Pro Tool, you can easily research keywords and metrics such as difficulty, volume, CPC, and search engine ranking results.

One seed keyword can yield up to 800 keywords with this tool. Using these keywords, you can pick out good and relevant ones. The right keywords will bring you good sales. 

Marketers and bloggers are targeting low-competitive and high-search volume keywords for better results.

Doing this lets you determine a particular keyword’s value, allowing you to see how competitive the SERP is in the future.

Related Keywords

The related keywords are the resulting keywords of the seed keyword. As a result of your seeded keyword, Long Tail Pro matches you with related keywords on various metrics to assist in finalizing your targeted keywords.

You can sort the list of related keywords based on the CPC at the local and global levels in the related keywords section. Clicking the “X” mark will allow you to sort and remove irrelevant keywords. By doing this, you will make your list neat and organized.

Competitor keywords

competitor keywords

To spy on your competitors, it is useful to look into their keywords to know the ones they are targeting and attracting business from. With this feature, you can find keywords they use to attract business.

Manual Keywords

manual keywords

You can quickly re-evaluate metrics such as keyword volume, keyword difficulty, rank value, and more using Manual Keywords. You can check up to 200 keywords at once. To use this feature, you have to add the list of keywords manually from the source list, and then click on Retrieve. It checks all the manually added keywords and gives the complete details like Average KC, Volume, Competition, number of words, and rank value.

2. SERPS analysis

For better organic traffic, you must analyze your competitors. You will get the first 10 ranked competitors in the Google search when you enter the keyword. Take a look at their URLs to get great keyword ideas.

A SERP keyword research tool is another excellent tool for spying on competitors’ successes. With the Long Tail Pro tool, you can find your competitors and their metrics within the SERPs using the keyword.

SERP analysis

The competition analysis tool gives the search result as follows the factors.

  • Keyword Competitiveness (KC): A number from 0 to 100 that indicates how competitive the page is for these keywords. this metric is calculated using the page title and URL Majestic Trust Flow, citation, and backlink data.
  • Domain KC: A number 0 to 100 indicates how competitive the domain is for this keyword. this metric is calculated using the Majestic Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and backlink data of the domain. 
  • Trust Flow: It is a number from 0 to 100 that measures the quality of links to a URL. A high score indicates that a site is closely linked to one or more trusted sites.
  • Citation Flow:  Majestic citation flow is a number from 0 to 100 that helps to measure the link equity or ‘juice’ the website carries. citation flow predicts how many sites link to it. higher scores indicate a greater link equally.
  • Domain TF
  • Domain CF
  • External backlinks: The number of external links to the page.
  • Page ref domains: The number of unique domains referring to the page. 
  • Root ref domains: The number of unique domains referring to the root domain.
  • Indexed URLs: The number of URLs belonging to the domain. this is useful as an indication of the domain’s content size. 

In a SERP analysis, a keyword is analyzed in terms of its competitiveness. Those URLs can be analyzed based on keyword competitiveness, trust flow, citation flow, backlinks, and site age.

Analyzing those keywords will help you decide whether to target those keywords based on their competition.

3. Backlink Analysis

backlink analysis tool

Backlink Analysis is the premium feature of the Long Tail Pro team. It can help you to analyze competitor backlinking strategies by exporting them as a list for further analysis.

4. Rank Tracker

You do a lot of effort into link building and On-page optimization and finding the best keywords for your articles. The next thing you need to focus on is rank tracking.

Rank Tracking lets you know the position of your website and also your competitor’s ranking factors. Hence, a blogger definitely needs a keyword rank checking tool to track the rankings.

5. Site Audit

long tail pro - site audit

You can analyze your website’s technical SEO with the site audit feature. This analysis provides a complete report and guide to keep your site SEO-friendly. By doing this, you keep your site updated, boost your traffic, and improve conversions. This audit goes into three categories.

  1. Front-end Analysis: It involves the content, keywords, and metadata analysis.
  2. Back-end Analysis: It checks all indexing (including mobile-first indexing) and hosting issues. 
  3. Other Analysis: It checks both internal and external link quality.

This is a checklist of things you will learn to do during your SEO audit:

  • Crawl your website
  • Search for any potential indexing errors
  • Search for any technical problems
  • Remove or rewrite low-quality content
  • Check for gaps in content
  • Identify speed problems
  • Confirm that mobile pages load quickly and accurately
  • Check and test meta-descriptions
  • See where organic traffic is coming from
  • Improve on-page SEO
  • Optimize internal linking
  • Optimize backlinks and off-site SEO

How to use Long Tail Pro to find the best Keywords? 

Are you looking to increase search engine traffic? You can find low-competition keywords quickly and easily by using a tool like Long Tail Pro. 

Long tail pro makes it easy effective keyword research. Over 70% of search engine traffic is generated by long-tail keywords.

It takes just three steps. Discover thousands of profitable, targeted keywords and calculate keyword competitiveness by using Long Tail Pro’s step-by-step system.

Long Tail Pro allows you to find thousands of long tail keywords that you can rank for. The tool was launched in 2011. This tool has been trusted by over 70,000 marketers since 2011.

This makes it an excellent tool for getting long tail keywords. It is a premium tool. For more details, please see my Long Tail Pro Review from my article gallery.

Let us start, with how to use long tail pro?

Step 1: Create New Project

First, select the “+” symbol in the Keyword Research section and give the group a name.

start keyword research in LTPro

Step 2:  Start with a Seed keyword

Log in to the Long Tail Pro site. Click on the Retrieve button and enter the keyword into the Seed Keywords field.

long tail pro - keyword research

Step 3: Analyzing the Competitiveness of Keyword

Long Tail Pro provides a few different ways to pull and analyze keywords. The following screenshot shows the details that will be provided after a few seconds. 

For my seed keyword “Happy Anniversary“, I received two awesome search results. These keywords are easy to rank. Among the factors in the results, two of the most critical factors that will help you determine which keywords to choose for your blog are the Words and Avg KC (keyword competition).

Avg KC in long tail pro

Instead of collecting keywords, it automatically calculates their competitiveness.

The Average keyword competitiveness score (KC) should be below 30 because these are easy to rank in search engines.

Step 4: Check the Competition Analysis

Now click on the keywords to see the Competition Analysis. You can use that information to analyze the keyword. You can find keywords that have commercial intent. It is important to choose keywords with commercial intent if you want to find money keywords.

Keyword research result page

A few weeks ago, I purchased Long tail Pro. It is an excellent product. By integrating this API key, the software starts gathering information about the keyword by considering the following factors. If the main keyword is in the title

  • Page rank of that URL
  • Moz rank of that URL
  • Domain age
  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • SEO Juice page link

Finally, you will get the keyword. It is a good tool for analyzing a marketing site’s ranking status.

Make sure the Keyword Competition (KC) is below 30. Keywords with a KC of 40 are manageable. With Longtail Pro KC, you can pick long-tail keywords that are highly targeted and effective.

  • 0-10: No competition
  • 11-20: Extremely Low Competition
  • 21-30: Low Competition
  • 31-40: Moderate Competition
  • 41-50: Somewhat High competition
  • 51-60: Very High Competition
  • 61-70: Extremely high Competition
  • 71-100: Do not even think about it

Long tail Pro Pricing and Plans

Long Tail Pro is one of the best SEO tools for freelancers, bloggers, and small business owners looking to invest in content marketing. The software allows you to quickly discover new keywords saving you hours of boring research time.

When it comes to pricing, Long Tail Pro is not considered a cheap tool, however, it is more affordable than its biggest competitor- Ahrefs. There are three options

long tial pro pricings

Note: Long tail pro/platinum lifetime licenses are not available right now. You have to stick to a monthly or annual billing system.

Long Tail Pro offers a free SEO video course for beginners that covers everything from finding seed keywords and analyzing the competition to more advanced site structure and outreach strategies. I have been using Long Tail Pro for the past 2 years, and I must say it is a great tool for finding less competitive long tail keywords.

Long Tail Pro was sold by its original owner, Spencer Haws, so I would assume that there are kinks the tool will have to iron out during the transition process. At the same time, I have talked to other Long Tail Pro subscribers who have never experienced any problems with their support.

Long Tail Pro Pros and Cons


  • Bulk keyword suggestions are provided by this tool.
  • The score of Keyword competitiveness is outstanding.
  • The competitor analysis section lets you see and analyze your chances of ranking better than your competitors in Google.
  • The rank tracker features are easy to use and very accurate.


  • As an SEO tool, it is not comprehensive enough.
  • It limits the number of keywords that can be searched using seed keywords
  • The tool contains incredible features but is rife with bugs.
  • Manual keywords have a low capping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Long Tail Pro Keyword Research tool

Is Long Tail Pro one of the best keyword research tools?

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that helps you find long-tail keywords with high search volume and low competition. It is used by many SEO professionals. However, other keyword research tools are also very good, such as Ahrefs and SEMrush. This tool is for you and will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Why Focus on Long Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are specific phrases that are less competitive and more likely to convert. They’re important for SEO, voice search, and targeting potential customers.

What is the advantage of a long tail?

Long tail keywords are more specific keywords. They are long tail keywords because tail keywords are longer than head keywords. For example, you have a general keyword of “Florida weather” but Florida weather today or Florida weather forecast is a more specific long-tail keyword.

Are long tail keywords better?

Many types of keywords exist, including short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords. Keywords of the first type are widely used. A long tail keyword is a keyword with a high search volume and relatively low competition. In search engines like Google, long tail keywords are widely used by people who want to gain more traffic to their site.

Is Long Tail Pro worth it?

Long Tail Pro is definitely worth the money. It has made things easier for me. It’s pretty easy to use, and the software works great. Although it costs money, it is worth it. It saves you time and makes your research much easier to complete. The software guides you through the keyword research process through a step-by-step approach. It is a great tool for keyword research, and it is one of the best tools available today.

Final Words on Review of Longtail Pro

Most keyword research tools are time-consuming and difficult to understand. But Long Tail Pro is an incredibly useful keyword research tool.

Along with the long tail pro, The best free website for keyword research is AnswerThePublic. This website can help you find keywords that people are actually searching for, which can help you create content that is more likely to be found by your target audience.

However, now that it’s been a couple of years since I’ve owned Long Tail Pro, I wanted to share my review of Long Tail Pro and where it is today. You can use it to find keywords, determine keyword competitiveness, do backlink analysis, and even track your ranking.

Keyword Research tools are necessary to boost your traffic. The Long Tail Pro can be used to find low-volume Long Tail keywords that will help you boost your traffic and sales. 

This killer tool will definitely help you in increasing your traffic by increasing the ranking of your websites. If you are worrying about your traffic and rankings, now is the right time to come out of it. 

You can use this tool to find the best Long Tail keywords that will increase your traffic. Now is the time to buy Long Tail Pro, which will further grow your blog.

I like that Long Tail Pro is specifically focused on helping you find lower-competition keywords. It’s not just about finding keywords with high search volume.  I still use the software regularly to find keywords and to check the competition levels.

You can find the best keywords for your website for free using a variety of tools, including Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, and Ahrefs. These tools can help you find keywords that are relevant to your website’s niche and that have a good search volume.

I recommend you use this outstanding tool to boost your keyword strategy. Learn how to find thousands of profitable, targeted keywords with Long Tail Pro’s step-by-step process and figure out keyword competitiveness for nearly any niche.

Long Tail Pro
long tail pro review

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that helps you find low-competition keywords that are easier to rank for. Read our review to learn more about its features, benefits, and pricing. Click here to learn more about Long Tail Pro and start improving your website’s search engine ranking today!

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