Blogging is one of the extensively great podium to express yourself. Is your voice going to be reached to the very larger audience?

And if you are like me who loves to read and write and want to learn and share your acquired knowledge too, then definitely blogging is your platter.

But, despite having great writing skills you got to do a few things to succeed in the blogging career. And those are generally overlooked in the initial period of blogging, probably because of unawareness.

And those turn out into major blogging mistakes. Are you too doing the same?

Major Blogging Mistakes

What are the Major Blogging Mistakes?

Are you missing out those points and not able to flourish your blog towards success. Check those points of Blogging mistakes and know how to overcome out of it.

1. Comparing with the Established Bloggers

Comparison with higher blogeers

This is one of the major issues that can come into the mind while initiating. A blogger gets inspired by some established fellow blogger and wants to pursue the same.

And then starts daydreaming that he/she will also be on the same page within a few days, few months. They will make the same money, getting the same amount of fame in the blogosphere overnight.

Will it happen? No right?

It’s as simple as that, they have worked hard creating the content over the years. And they kept of strive to shake hands with success. So, it won’t happen just like that. Though that not makes it impossible at all.

Blogging requires immense patience. Because money won’t flow into your bag just like that. Initially, things will be truly turning off.

You might question yourself, have I made the right choice?

Now, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have potential. This doesn’t mean that you stop dreaming. Keep the desires and spark in, throughout the journey.

Every Established blogger was a starter at a time. And that brings in some hopes. Isn’t it?

2. Avoiding SEO and keywords

Keywords are the major part of blogging and blog, don’t you think so?

It can be observed that many of us don’t realize it initially and kept on writing tons of articles. And surprisingly thinking of one day a door opens with loads of traffic to the blog.

Will it happen?

A Big No! There will not be any hesitation saying it.

Maybe you have great content on your blog. The content can immensely helpful.

But, how it will reach to your audience it is not optimized properly, keeping Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics in mind.

How do you want Google and other major search engines to read your content?

As Google puts a web page up in the squad by reading the content with the help of its robust technology and algorithm.

Along with the keywords and the other SEO’s, a blogger should not avoid and understand Top Google ranking factors too. So that applying or changing the SEO accordingly will help well to rank on the search engines.

3. Thinking Too much as Perfectionist

Are you one of them, who is likely to be a perfectionist?

Thinking of the same and not publishing your content at all. Does that make sense in any way?

No one is perfect, share what you got in you know, things will be getting better day by day. Nothing goes overnight. You will be able to write better content only with you to keep writing. Isn’t it?

Write as many posts as you can, and try building your audience, traffic to your blog. Remember one thing, what you write now can always be edited in the coming days. So, don’t hesitate to hit that Publish button at all. your blog posts can be improved in further days.

Holding back your content cannot be the way at all. And it is a bad sign for your blog growth. Show your content to the world, get some inputs to make it much better.

The more you write, the better you will write.

4. Shitty Blog Post Titles

Blogging is not just about writing content. You have to make sure that, your shares are driving the traffic. The pages which are ranking on Google’s first page are getting enough engagements, clicks.

You need to make sure that the Click-through Rates (CTR) should increase your URL’s


A reader should clearly understand what your content is all about. And the Blog Title should actuate the viewer to click on the link because your awesome content would be only readable and reached only after getting clicked.

These simple criteria need to be followed, without fail.

No one clicks on those boring headlines at all. Do you do so? Not really, isn’t it?

“No one likes the eat the food without proper presentation,”

How would you do make your blog titles attractive?

Need to think from the reader’s perspective, what kind of blog post would you like to click. Add some spice to it, but try making it short and simple.

You can also make use of some online tools which generates a great title for you like,

5. Being Shy to Introduce yourself in your own blog

You might have already gone through a few blogs, where the Blogger hides their identity even if it’s a solo-authored blog. Why someone has to do it, is there any point in hiding your identity.

Put an author box, let the reader know about you.

  • Link it to your about page.
  • Place an Original Avatar.
  • Write some description about you which you would like to convey to your audience.
  • Write something about the blog topics you write about

Build the trust factor with your audience, the better you engage with the readers, the better the blog results. Reply to the comments, clear their doubts and appreciate them for going through your content.

No one likes to talk to the wall, isn’t it? So don’t be shy and come out of the comfort zone.

Don't be shy

6. Avoiding the power of Images

Never avoid the potential of images. An image beautifies your post and also considered very good conserving the SEO aspects.

Images also have the immense potential to drive traffic to your blog through the search engine images searches and also a few of the image-sharing social platforms. Pinterest is the most popular one.

Apart from all these, it also beautifies your blog post and keeps your readers engaged with the content.

An image louder than the words, you can also check out this amazing article by Gabe Arnold, for getting into much detail on the impact of incorporating images in the content.

7. No Email list or way for people to sign-up

I started blogging by checking out and acquiring some knowledge of SEO aspects. But, I was not trying to build an email list, No subscription box. One of the biggest blogging mistakes of mine.

The biggest mistake, don’t do it at all.

Say a Big No, to it, and get a subscription box for your blog right now. It makes your connection with the readers and you will also be able to know what kind of content they are interested in.

You need to turn your new visitor to your returning visitor through email list building.

Just Assume if the reader likes your content and wants to be updated with your blog posts, but there is no way they can do it. How disappointing it could be.

It might sound not that huge initially, but it’s very effective. Doesn’t matter what your traffic is, never avoid placing your Sign-Up form and Social Media handles at the right place on your blog.

8. Post Categories pages

Are you avoiding placing the categories section on your blog? It’s a big mistake.

A viewer should easily able to access all the topics your blog has. No would be interested to keep on hitting the next button on your blog. Make it simple and present all the categories in the sidebar or on the menu.

It will increase page views and importantly provides a great user experience. And that should be the primary focus of any blogger.

9. Posts Planning

You should always have some posts ideas in advance in your niche. Be thoughtful and whenever some idea strikes, Add that titles in your WordPress drafts. The post can be always written later on the required time.

This should come into the regular practice to deliver it at the right time, instead, keep on thinking of the post topic. You can always use a few tools like Buzzsumo, Quora and even some relevant forums that can give a better idea in your niche.

10. Monitoring your Traffic

Blog Traffic

Finally Traffic,

If you are avoiding and not monitoring your website traffic, that could be the biggest mistake. You should have a clear idea of your traffic. You should understand the traffic behavior towards your blog posts.

Google Analytics is the perfect tool offered by Google to get an understanding of your readers.

What all the things, you would be able to know,

  • Where the traffic coming from, organic, social, referral,
  • How your readers are reacting to the content
  • Your Complete blog traffic status
  • Pages Ranking in Google for certain keywords
  • Page Click through rate and more,

It’s very important you should check it at least once a month. So that you can modify your blog posts that are not able to perform well.

Final Words

Feed your blog with quality posts keeping SEO (Search Engine Optimization Factors) in mind. A decent quality will reach where it suppose to be.

And avoid the above major blogging mistakes, if you are into any of it. And Blog with putting you are all of the efforts. Happy Blogging!

Do let us know, what is your take on these Blogging Mistakes or if you would like to add any. So that it would be helpful for fellow readers. In fact, it would be a great learning curve for everyone.

And also do Consider sharing on the social Media Platforms if this helped you improve your blogging.

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  1. Hello Navin,

    Great tips over here 🙂

    Its like putting ourself on the way to the end, if we are comparing some established bloggers, who are there in this industry
    from a long time. Running down the Axe on our very foot.

    Rather comparing to them, we should get to learn from their methods, establish good relationship with them.
    All the key points are very important to establish our self as a successful blogger.

    Its always good to present our self completely in our blogs. People like to connect with a real person.

    Thanks for the share.


    1. Navin Rao says:

      Exactly Shantanu, There is no point in comparing with the Giants in the industry.

      Efforts should be rolled on continuously at the right area. Apart from these maintaining healthy relationships with the fellow bloggers can make the difference, These are what the signs of a rising or progressing blogger.

      Thanks for Stopping by and leaving your precious thoughts.

  2. Thanks, for the wonderful list. Really helpful for the beginners.Each and every point is well explained.

    1. Navin Rao says:

      Thanks, for going through Sirisha and dropping your thoughts. Have a great day!

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